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Question? Joint Brownie / Guide holiday - Jungle theme

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We're taking approx. 20 girls away for a weekend, on a joint Brownie / Guide holiday. The girls have voted on a jungle theme. All of the leaders will have a jungle themed name for the weekend, Shere Khan and Baloo have already been chosen. Any suggestions for a name I could choose? I want someone that's a bit kick-ass.

Also, I've been asked to pull together some just in case games and songs, that can be quick fillers if we need. Does anyone have any great jungle themed ideas?



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or Kaa, that's the snake

when tommy went into the jungle is a singing game we play at brownies
one of the girls, Tommy, stands in the middle of the circle, the girls skip around singing

when tommy went into the jungle the jungle the jungle,
when tommy went into the jungle, what did tommy see?

Tommy says an animal and everyone has to imitate that animal, with or without noises
tommy chooses the best to swap places and have a turn at being tommy

just keep a check that they are not just choosing best friends


With Guides especially, you need to have something which can be a little more challenging that if it were just Brownies, so could you look at games with a message, such as wide games on survivor/prey, at practical crafts like bug houses?

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

I'm not too worried about the brownie / guide mix, or challenging the guides too much. We've got some different activities for them, I just need some back up ideas incase we have a spare 10 minutes.