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Jubilee Activites


Guide Leader
I am hopeing someone can help me,

Our District is having a tea party for the jubilee and I need to think of some activites for the guides (about 17 of them)
I have not got a clue what to do as all my girls want to do is play games and we have no craft materials until we can get another grant, also we are in a leaders garden so I have no idea how big it is, the guides will overlap with brownies for about 1/2 hour and then i think they have an hour on their own.
I am just really stuck for ideas on the jubilee, if it was the olympics it would be fine but we dont seem to be doing anything for that.


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for rainbows we are doing things themed to red/white/blue

we are making bead necklaces (red, white and blue pony plastic beads) and we are also making cakes with union flag butterflies on top (cake toppers from ebay) - not sure what else we'll be doing yet... still looking on here for ideas to pinch (sorry I mean borrow)

so on the red/white and blue type theme -

could they make their own jubilee hat using paper plate or paper bowl as the base and give them red/white/blue crepe paper and coloured paper and scissors, sticky tape etc to create their "own" hat?

could they make and design their own outfits using newspaper and red/white/blue crepe paper and sticky tape?

could they make deserts/cakes themed to red/white/blue (food colouring icing - or different toppers - or red/blue jelly and white squirty cream??? or blueberries for blue and strawberries/cherries etc for red with squirty cream?)

or design and make their own jubilee flags/buntins?


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just thought of a few more red/white/blue ideas:

cut down pringles tube (or similar tube) cut down into strips (to make bangels or bracelets) and then cover with red/white/blue crepe or wool wrapped round and round - could even thread with beads or stick on blue/red/white sequins

or red/white/blue friendship bracelets or braiding to turn into friendship bracelets

or red/white/blue bits of ribbon turned into friendship knots?

or finger knitting/crochet to make hair bands? (alice bands or sweat bands)

we're also going to be making crowns (probably everyone is going to be making crowns or tiaras though!!!!!) lol


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our brownies made 'an outfit fit to visit the queen' out of newspaper and a little sellotape (can be done without tape but harder) they worked in sixes to produce one of two outfits but your guides may manage to make sure everyone is dressed. they were very impressed with the young leaders contribution which included headgear and bracelets.

ask about the size of the garden and ask if you can hide pictures of crowns with a letter on the back that the girls have to find and make a word out of the letters

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Activity Village have got a nice selection of paper based things to do - design a stamp for example. Perhaps the Guides could collage an outfit for the Queen - minimum expense as old magazines/Argos books could be used, a piece of A4 or bigger and some scissors and glue - off you go!!


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we are going to do a few things for the jubilee, got some ideas sorted still looking for more. ideas so far for our garden party- playing a game of croque, writting and making there own queens speakes, decorrating cupcakes, food! (scones and sandwiches). still looking our for more ideas.......


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Were knitting tea cosy for the the Jubillee, just simple ones but they seem to be enjoying learning this skill and then being able to keepit at the end, there even knitting or creating decorations for them like crowns and flowers and things, and the actual cosy's are red, white or blue (some of the older ones who are a little better at knitting can manage all three, some of the others and just doing one), if you want the pattern i used for them just let me know and i'd be more than happy to send you a copy. I also think there going to paint a tea pot or cup to match.


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love the croquet game idea and cucumber sandwiches :)

IF it turns sunny possible outdoor events

to fit in with the tea-party type theme - could have plastic cups and saucers on a tray filled with water and have a team relay race emptying contains of cup into jug to see which team spills less water?

and to theme to the barges on the thames - have paddling pool set up and make paper boats (barges) and have a barge race using straws across the paddling pool thames...