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Keep on Swimming - inspired by 'Finding Dory'

Just thought I would share a really fun game I kind of made up for my Rainbows, just in case anyone fancies doing it as a little warm up / energy game. They seemed to love it! It's very similar to Captains Coming, I am sure many of you if not all of you know it. For each direction of the room - To the boat, To the aquarium, To sydney (when they get there they put their hands together like they are fish and say ahhh high pitched), To the drop off (when there they say "THE DROP OFF?" really shocked with arms out like "what?" They run to each.
When I shout these instructions -
Just keep swimming - swim around the room
Octopus - get into groups of 4 and go back to back and wiggle arms out in front of them like they all make a giant octopus
Seagulls - line up from left to right and say "mi, mi, mi" can create beaks with hands if you want
Sea lions - in two's back to back sat on the floor and say "Come on Gerald!"
Clean the fish tank - mime cleaning
Speak whale - they try to be dory speaking whale

Hope you guys enjoy playing this with your rainbows, i certainly have!


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just had 2000 badges delivered so plenty available --- why not take a look - packed full of ideas that don't need to actually involve swimming!


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this badge has remained very popular with over 8000 badges sold so far. I still have a few and MBC have just dispatched another 1000 so there are no anticipated delays in dispatch!


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We are off to France on 28th June for two weeks thanks to everyone who supported this or one of our other challenges. A parent will collect my mail and post badges while we are away but service may be a bit slower than normal as she wont do it every day - if you need them in that period please order in advance!