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Official Info: Kit List and Details of Theme


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For all those who like to be organised here's the kit list for the weekend.

The theme for the weekend is Turn Back Time. This is your chance to relive your childhood whether that was the 70's, 80's or 90's. Don't want to reveal too much about activities but we promise it will be fun. We will be having a fancy dress party on Saturday night. The theme is Fashion disasters from your youth.


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Not sure I can remember what happened in the 90s, it all went a bit over my head to be honest... all I have left is some jb unfirom which still fits although that hasn't turned out to be a disaster really has it...


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Do we need a necker and a lanyard? I seem to remember needing them for G2G10.
Usually people bring them (neckers) so we look like we belong together. But really it's up to you, we're all over 18. I probably won't have mine, but that's mainly because I dunno where it is! And I bring 'clothes' as opposed to 'activity wear'. I'm funny like that ;)
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We don't use neckers, but I would like to have one (any excuse to spend..)

Do I just buy any colour that I fancy?? How does it work?


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Yep think I can cobble something together from the festie going gear here - but can we have a camera ban for the evening please !


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Damn... thought my costume was sorted. Then realised the fancy dress theme ISN'T turn back time, but fashion disasters. Hmmm. Will have to give it a think.