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Last minute meeting idea required


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I have been thrown in as the leader who was meant to be organising the meeting has phoned in sick for today (14th) I now have to organise a last minute meeting for around 10-12 rangers thats fun and with minimal equipment or none at all - any ideas would be greatly appreciated - am panicking slightly as i am also running a brownie meeting tonight!

thank you in advance x:eek:


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Guessing many are in the middle of exams. Or even just internal assessment weeks Or revision so something chilled.

- silly newspaper night?
- board/card games?
- silly games night?


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the weather is looking good, maybe an outdoor chill evening in the park just being visible to the public Could you combine it with your Brownie night - Senior section love being able to do 'kids' stuff but don't often get the chance cos it doesn't look cool, doing it with the brownies gives them that chance


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My Rangers love Minute-To-Win-It type games! :D Goggle it and pick out 10 or so that they can do with the equipment you will have available, get them each to pick one & learn how it works- then they can teach them to the other & give them a shot....
...with much giggling as leaders try to balance dice on a popsicle stick in their mouth :p


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Good weather + exam stresses.

I strongly recommend food! Buy some disposable BBQs and a pile of ingredients. Let them cook and eat tonight.


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Minute-to-win it games are a great idea, bubblesaus! Especially as they use household products so they are easy to put together.


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Struggling to thing what to do with my girls tonight and came across this thread - perfect! Hopefully this'll help motivate them. Not the best time of year for them with so much school stress so they kinda don't want to *think* at Rangers