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Question? Leader Getting Married Badge


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I am getting married next year and I'm inviting my Brownies to the ceremony. I was hoping to get a badge to give to my Brownies (along the lines of "my leader got married") and thought someone might have had one made up before? I'd design my own but I am not artists in the slightest!


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If you're on Facebook, there's a Guiding Buy, Sell & Swap group. I'm pretty sure that someone had some made along those lines. Pop along, join the group and find out


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Thanks! I found someone selling one here in case anyone else is looking for one. I haven't decided whether to buy that or get my own one designed...


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Hi! I designed one for my wedding. If you do a rough sketch and send it to a badge company they can turn it into a real design (I created the attached in Paint to send to them). Got 100 made for £125 and used them as favours for the Scout/Guide friends there. We had a tipi at our wedding, but you could swap that bit for something else Guiding related.