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Leader names

Im due to take over a brownie pack in September and I need to think of a name.

The current leader is Snowy Owl but I cant decide to stay traditional or go for something different.

I was going to come up with a short list and ask the girls to vote. Id be greatful if you could give me an idea of your names.


Cleo xx :p


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You can have a search on the net. You can probably guess what I go by. There is something somewhere on here already, I think. That may help!:)


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I'm Tawny Owl, but just because the others are Brown Owl and Snowy Owl.

I used to be called Little Owl when I was a YL with another pack.

Oh and our DC is Barn Owl. I think thats common round here, that the District or Division Commissoner is Barn Owl.
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We're traditional - I'm Brown Owl, my assistants are Tawny Owl and Barn Owl, our occasional helper (and former assistant) is Snowy Owl!


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i took over my brownie unit 5 years ago and the people running it before had ran it since i was a brownie!
we decided (myself AG and the brownies) that we wanted a fresh start so we changed the sixes and leader names from traditional to 'modern'
instead of imps, kelpies etc we have hedgehog badger mole and fox sixes.
and for names we are all flintstones. (barney, freddie, pebbles, dino, bam bam, wilma and betty)
i asked the old leaders before they left if they minded us changing things and their words were 'its your unit now and it is a new era for brownies'

why dont you ask the brownies what they want to call you?


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I opened a new unit three years ago and we have the traditional names. I'm Brown Owl, the AG is Tawny Owl and the YLs are Barn Owl and Little Owl, with Kelpies, Imps, Elves and Pixies.


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Our sixes are the new woodland animals (rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes and moles) and leaders, uhs and yls are Bluebird, Snowy, Squirrel, Badger, Panda and Bunny - and YES the girls voted on our names from a shortlist they came up with and we edited slightly (!) after they had known us a week or two :)


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We've got Brown Owl, Little Owl and Tawny Owl for the Guiders and Badger, Mouse and Panda for the YLs and PL. All our names were chosen by the girls from a short list like cerys suggested.
And our leadership team is known collectively as the Moles as we have Rabbits, Foxes, Squirrels and Hedgehogs as our sixes. The YLs wanted to be the Moles so we all have a six badge too!


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I took ove a Brownie unit this week, so gave the girls choice,
1. our real names
2. owls
3 animals - liek their sixes

They choose animals, I am Queen Bee, then my two young leaders are ladybird and hedgehog.
I'm Brown Owl, AG is Robin, and we have Ladybird, Dove. Our helpers have been Kinghfisher, Raven, Eagle, Starling and pack leader is Toucan. Sixes Sprites, Gnomes, Imps, Elves and Pixies.:)


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Old Pack: Brown owl, Robin and Daisy (me, my name as a YL)
My GiC was quite clear that there is a hierarchy, hence we had owl, bird, flower!!

New Pack: Aussie animals so Rozella, Dolphin, Koala, Possum ad Kookaburra


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I took over from a Brown Owl, who had been there over 20 years, and all thr girls knew her as Brown owl, so I didn't want to be brown owl too. Insted searched for other owl names and let the girls choose, so I am now Sooty Owl, though actually just go by Sooty! It's cool I've never had a Guiding name before...I like it!!! My Yl's are Robin, Canary and Hedgehog, (again the girls chose!)

how about having a look either for owl names, or other animals, find some that you wouldn't mind being called (v.important!!) and then get the girls to choose?


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At Brownies we have Brown, tawny (me) snowy and fluffy owl, and at Rainbows we are Daisy ( me) Tulip and Poppy is our young leader. we have a parent Helper who we are thinking of calling sunflower!


while DC l visited my grand daughters Brownies and was asked to join in at end and after Brownie bells they started saying their goodnights and when it came to me they all said "good night granny owl" and its stuck.


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Brown Owl and Tawny left after 20 years, so no-one wanted their names... So we are Barn Owl (me) and Blue Owl... but we've now got a dad to help. What shall we call him???

Suggestions so far include: Eagle Owl, Mr Owl, Hedwig...

What do you think? Anyone got anything a bit more creative???


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Our Brown Owl retired and we asked the girls at a pow wow if they wanted names for us as they had always just called us by our first names, and they voted yes they wanted to call us Owls.... so we brought in some photocopied sheets with pictures of Owls and their names, and the girls voted. I'm now Snowy Owl and the other Guider is Wise Owl... and Brown Owl is now our occaisional helper which the girls love.

We had a party recently and had two helpers from Trefoil who were called Miss all night despite being introduced as Jean and Mary!

Although it gets confusing at Guides, cause we have one unit's Brown Owl, another's Snowy Owl and then two very new just Guide Guiders who look at us like we're crackers when we answer to those names from our new Guides/ex-Brownies.


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I like traditions and a Brownie unit wouldn't seem right without a Brown Owl in charge. ;)
We have a Brown Owl and I'm one of the many Barn Owl's!!! :cool:


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My unit at uni we have a Brown Owl who usually goes by her name, and the other leaders all have owl names, but don't usually use them.

At home the leaders all had Owl names, and the young leaders all had names of other flying things. Don't know why they had to be able to fly - I think the brownies came up with it! I was Woodpecker.