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Leader names

Leaders Names


We asked the girls what my name should be and they came back with 'Smiley Owl'. At the time we had an 'S' theme(Spice Girls) going on.... the other leader was christened 'Scary'. My official name was Snowy Owl but the girls still prefer to call me 'Smiley' and it brings a smile to everyone's face that hears it!



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We don’t have a Brown Owl because the last Brown Owl had run the unit for 50 years so very big shoes to fill! And two of the current leaders were leaders alongside her as well so they just stayed as Tawny Owl and Snowy Owl

Me and the other adult leader were just known by our first names but then last year “now you two are getting older” as Snowy said to us, we should have Brownie names. So she’s Penguin (loves penguins) and I’m Turnip (Also my nickname outside of Guiding). Introducing myself as Turnip always makes me grin. The girls like our new names.


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We're trying to make owls happen, but they're not happening. We just get called by our first names, apart from after Brownie Bells when we all struggle to remember who is Snowy Owl, and what Emily's owl name is!


We're trying to make owls happen, but they're not happening. We just get called by our first names, apart from after Brownie Bells when we all struggle to remember who is Snowy Owl, and what Emily's owl name is!
If you want it to happen, step one is to only respond to your unit name. As new girls join they'll get used to calling you that from the start.
In my unit the UL is Brown Owl, the assistant leader is Barn Owl.
Our young leader is Snowy Owl (as she has white blonde hair) and I'm Velvet Owl (I have dark hair that the girls say is always shiny)
The Brownies chose our names :)


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We have:

Sparkly Owl (Me,GiC)
Tawny Owl
Fishy Owl (She liked to draw fish when she started so it stuck)
Ginger Owl (Guess what colour her hair is)

Then young leaders are :

Baby Owl
Fluffy Owl

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While I'm Brown Owl at Brownies, I'm now Kiwi at Rainbows! I suggested Kookaburra, as I'm Australian, but they decided that was too hard for them to remember!


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We’ve had lots of different owls, traditional or proper owls like Brown, Tawny, Snowy, Eagle owls but also fun ones like Fluffy, Elf, Sparkle, Hedwig and Baby, or ones like Scotty if they’re Scottish. There have also been a couple of *name* owls. Young Leaders have their own names and have the choice of helping to pick a name when they turn 18. All have been owls but we aren’t fixed to the idea, other birds have been considered by people but ultimately not picked.

Adults have free choice of what type of Owl name but generally names don’t get reused if:
Someone who used that name is still in the area, especially if they are actively Guiding
It’s been used before for another adult in most of the girls memory
Person who used the name passed away whilst using it
Name is no longer appropriate today

Name selection works as:
Everyone has ideas
Top three are selected (adult can have a subtle influence on what makes the cut)
Adult picks their name from the top three


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Brown Owl and Tawny left after 20 years, so no-one wanted their names... So we are Barn Owl (me) and Blue Owl... but we've now got a dad to help. What shall we call him???

Suggestions so far include: Eagle Owl, Mr Owl, Hedwig...

Be aware that in the films and books Hedwig is a girl owl!


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I think it's great to ask the girls for suggestions. I also think it's wise to choose one you like from that list. After all, you could be hearing it shouted across the supermarket at you for a long time to come.
Im due to take over a brownie pack in September and I need to think of a name.

The current leader is Snowy Owl but I cant decide to stay traditional or go for something different.

I was going to come up with a short list and ask the girls to vote. Id be greatful if you could give me an idea of your names.


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I'm a "Brown Owl" - partly because when I took on the unit, my predecessor was a "Brown Owl" and partly because the other unit leader in post is a "Barn Owl" (and when I was a Brownie my leader was "Brown Owl".
THe leader of our sister unit is a "Barny" (or "Barnie" - I've not seen it written) and having us all different avoids confusion at joint events.
According to our unit registration certificate (dating back to the 1950s), the leader in charge was referred to as "Brown Owl" and the assistant leader was referred to as "Tawny Owl".....although oddly it is only a "Tawny Owl" who is named on our certificate.
The funny thing (for me) is that I can't actually find a "brown owl" listed in any bird book!
THat well-known embroidered freaky badge supplier (not sure if I'm allowed to name names on here) has lots of lovely embroidered badge designs - you might want to choose one that you can get a badge of???
Our young leaders and guide helpers chose their own "creature" names.....and the local Rainbows have woodland creatures so the assembled ranks of local leaders form a veritable wildlife-sanctuary of names.
One word of caution: bear in mind that when your Brownies spot you in the street/in the supermarket....they are going to shout out your Brownie title!