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Leaders only sleepover


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has anyone done a district leaders only sleepover? It's (probably) a daft idea I've had but thought it would be a good way t get all our district leaders together, share ideas, help those working on alq etc.

What do all you wise leaders think?


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We've done a weekend specifically for LQ leaders before. We have a mix of social and serious sessions to get through the bits that a lot struggle with - the reading bits (making them interactive), first aid and safe space. Then on the Sunday we invite all leaders in the district to a buffet lunch social afternoon.


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Maybe ask whether people would rather do a sleepover or just a day course? Or do a sleepover but cover the content during the day so people can leave at 5pm if they'd rather not stay. You know your leaders best though.


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Depends on whether you are looking at it as a training weekend or a social/networking weekend.

I don't think a whole weekend training would go down very well here but we go on a Division Social Weekend once a year. Last year we stayed at Foxlease and then spent a day at Brownsea Island, this year we are going to Waddow - can't wait!


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You could always book onto a TAC training weekend as a District...there's always an element of social involved...or do your County have a County residential training weekend that you could all go to?
If you do it as purely social, then Guiding will inevitably be a prominent topic of conversation but you need other activities/distractions so a weekend to London/Bath/Edinburgh... will cost exclude some? Do they all have the same interests, do you include YL's does that give a problem re alcohol?

I think many Districts would come together fine for a weekend with a purpose but don't expect everyone to participate and consider what you want to get out of it first....team building, skills training or just a fun weekend.


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My county does training weekends that include a social element

A sleepover makes me think of everyone together on the floor which isn't particularly appealing as an adult!