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London Trip - Pax Lodge & Icando


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HI all,

Hoping someone who has been before can offer some advice, Next year I am thinking of taking our TSS group off to London for a weekend.

I have not been to London since I was little and my AL has only been with parents but not to Guiding locations.

We should hopefully have 5-7 girls going so was thinking of staying in Pax Lodge.
We want to do sight seeing so has anyone got any good suggestions of where to go, what to do, whats available. Also if ICANDO is close to Pax Lodge.

Also should I look into buying any is it Oyster cards before going? We are from rural area so don;t really understand the transport.



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Definitely look at getting oyster cards - you can use them on all London transport (bus,tube,train) and they are very easy to use. Just top up and off you go. Also the buses don't accept cash payments anymore so oyster card is pretty essential. I'm sure you can order the cards in advance and get them posted to you which will make things easier. The money you load onto the card never expires so you can keep your oyster card for the next time you go to London.

Pax Lodge to ICANDO - not that close but the tube journey should be easy. If you are interested, look on a tube map - Belsize Park (where Pax Lodge is) to Victoria (where ICANDO is)

Things to do: depends what the girls like!
The Natural History Museum, Science Museum and V&A are all free and all next to each other (South Kensington).
You could go for walk/picnic in Hyde Park.
ICANDO is very near Buckingham Palace so you could try see the changing of the guard.
Walk up to Westminster and look at Big Ben/Westminster Abbey/Downing Street
Go to South Bank - Globe Theatre, London Eye, Aquarium

.....If I think of anything else I'll let you know!!


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Oyster cards are great, but if you or any of the girls have contactless debit cards, I believe they now work in the same way as the oyster, so that might be worth looking into too as there's no topping up etc involved. You can also get travelcards with your train tickets (if you're intending on coming by train).

There are group discounts if you're a big enough group, or for any under 16s you can get family and friends railcards, for any over 16 they may already have 16-25 railcards.

Pax Lodge is great, they have a range of challenges you can do that involve getting to see the sights in London....from memory in addition to the original Pax Lodge Challenge, there's a monopoly one, Harry Potter one and at least one other. If you get down this year there's a special challenge and badge you can earn for their 25th anniversary :)

We did the Pax Lodge Challenge in a weekend a couple of years ago and we managed to get it all done, with little time for anything else! :)


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If the girls are interested in the changing of the guard, write to the palace in advance. One of the perks GG are granted where possible and appropriate is to be allowed inside the gates to watch it. It's a massive privilege, so well worth applying in advance. I believe it may be true at Downing Street as well, but I haven't done that one.

It depends what your girls are into, but trying to get in a show is always a winner. It can push the cost of the holiday up, but it's an amazing experience. I'd recommend Wicked - I seem to be the only person I know who didn't completely love it!

Science museum is really good, as is the London Eye - especially if you have any promises to make!

I volunteered at Pax Lodge many years ago, and these seemed to be the things that the majority of visitors wanted to do.


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Thank all, these are great,
going to look into in the summer months and have some ideas together for them then :)