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Idea! Look Wider Ideas thread - what other people have done!


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This thread is for people to post what they have done for look wider (it could just be for a few bits if that is all you have done, or for the whole lot if you have finished it!)

Hopefully people stuck for ideas might be able to look at it and gain a little inspiration - so please, help others, and type up what you have done!

Please DO NOT chat in this thread - this thread is purely for ideas. If you want to discuss it, or ask questions, please use a different thread!


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Community Action
1 - collect sainsburys vouchers and order for unit
1 - fair trade conference for primary school
1 - being a first aider at different events
2 - helping with RAG parade
3 - Service crew at Jamboree

Independent Living
1 - days out on a budget
1 - first response
1 - apply for student finance
2 - Look into driving schools and start lessons
3 - Move away from home

1 - make a unit song book
1 - help another unit on a trip
1 - organise indoor campfire
2 - look at problems of becoming a GiC
3 - ALQ

Personal Values
1 - visit an art gallery
1 - read two peltzer books and review
1 - take part in GGUK shout out research
2 - Update CV, apply for jobs and improve interview technique
3 - personal scrapbook

1 - guiding related poems
1 - help paint RAG float
1 - Complete a cross stitch
2 - developing pixel art skills
3 - filming and editing at multiple events

Fit for life
1 - walking to uni
1 - ranger county sports tournaments
1 - try yoga
2 - Walking for Silver D of E
3 - Line dancing, and teach to brownies, guides and TG

Out of Doors
1 - go on ghost walk
1 camping on my own
1 - archery
2 - Wide range of novel activities
3 - letterboxing

1 - basic origami
1 - teach german to the brownies
1 - Global Explorer award at essex jamboree
2 - visit two world centres
3 - commonwealth award


Brownie & Ranger leader and Ranger =D
1.1 take an activity from a guiding publication and adapt it to a different age group and carry it out.
1.2 think of a team you belong to, identify how your team is using the check, list what improvements can be made.
1.3 Lead an activity at thinking day (friendship knots)
2 making it count
3 alq brownies.

Personal values
1.1 research organ donation
1.2 ???
1.3 ???
2 centenary scrapbook
3 ???

Independent living
1.1 design your ideal room if you could change only one element what would it be?
1.2 how well does your school meet the needs of people with disabilities?
1.3 investigate the law on sexual harassment at work
2 complete my probation at work (6 months)
3 ???

Fit for life
1.1 swot up on a major health issue and how to identify the symptoms
1.2 who needs it ask 10 people why they drink alcohol.
1.3 Help brownies gain their healthy hearts badge
2 stretch yourself learn a new way to relax (yoga)
3 junior sports leadership level 1

Out of doors
1.1 try growing something from seed for the first time and keep it alive (peppers)
1.2 investigate 5 types of farming
1.3 make a list of 10 jobs that involve the natural world why do they do them and what are their opinions of the job.
2 d of e bronze expeditions and map reading.
3 Gaining my pack holiday license for brownies

1.1 look into fair trade policies research how much a cocoa worker gets for a weeks work and compare it to the price of a chocolate bar.
1.2 find out about developing countries. What do you think the term means?
1.3 found out about what goes on at a world centre visit one and try to encourage others to do likewise by giving a presentation.
2 commonwealth award
3 Volunteering at Pax Lodge for gold d of e

1.1 Design a float for a local event
1.2 Help design my local centenary badge
1.3 Go and see a live performance
2. Try Glass painting
3. Create a webpage about guiding

1.1 Assist in a locally run event for an organisation (cats protection re-homing day)
1.2 operation xmas child
1.3 Run a local family quiz night for Cats Protection
2 Young Leader at Brownies
3 Volunteer at the Big wild read summer reading challenge at my local library
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Why do they think it would be like school?? I think you need to know that first. My comment on that tho, is that look wider can be exactly what you want it to be - if it ends up being like school then they'll only have themselves to blame.

For my look wider I did (altho' I guess on paper some of it sounds boring... it doesn't mean doing it would be):

- learnt to kayak and got my 2 star bcu award
- skydiving
- learnt spanish
- got a spanish penpal
- went on my first international guide camp
- did my alq
- wrote to my mp about fair trade issues
- tried giving up chocolate for a time
- took up regular exercise
- did overseas work experience
- learnt some "home skills" from look wider file
- my first job
- research type stuff on roles of women in different religions... becoming a parent at various ages... important qualities in a partner
- visited a falconry centre
- tried some new crafty things... went to my first music concert....
- got involved in volunteering for other charities ... took up helping at a charity shop for several years...
- learnt ballroom dancing


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I've just finished a powerpoint presentation about what I've done for my Look Wider / Chief Guide's challenge.
It's far too big to upload (even though there's only one slide per octant), but if any of you PM me your email address, I'll send it to you.

The first 2 slides have an animated explaination of how Look Wider/ CGC works with the Octants too.

You can show it to you girls as an example of what someone else has done, and I'm quite happy for anyone to use the first couple of 'explination' slides, or the backgrounds of the others, in their own presentations.

There's no text on the slides, just small images, the explination text is in the 'notes', so if you want to print it, you'll have to print 'notes pages'.

I've got a DofE one too, if anyone wants that. I've one them to present at my DofE/CGC local presentation evening, as one of my Commonwealth Award challenges (present to a group of your peers).


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Don't know why they think it would be like school work, I need to sit down and look through the ss cd myself.

I thought I might draw up what I would do if I were still the age to complete it just to give them an idea of some different activities.
This may just be because I'm a dork, but part of what I enjoyed was investigating all the various possibilities of things I could do for look wider as much as the choosing and doing...

I think the SS CD has examples/ideas to get you going for each of the octants, they might be pdf format I can't remember. (When I did look wider it was in the file)


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Community Action
1 - working at a fairtrade coffee shop
1 - bag packing with brownies fundraising for holiday house
1 - helping with a fairtrade market
2 - volunteering at cats protection
3 - ALQ

Independent Living
1 - budgeting
1 - first aid
1 - learning how to change a tyre
2 - Recipe book
3 - driving

1 - church leadership training
1 - running brownie games
1 - researching leadership styles
2 - kids work at church
3 - indoor holiday licence

Personal Values
1 - found out about local politics
1 - family tree
1 - promise
2 - alpha course
3 - serving at church

1 - knitting
1 - jewellery making
1 - masquerade mask
2 - hand making a dress
3 - grade 6 piano

Fit for life
1 - yoga
1 - fitpole
1 - aerobics
2 - pilates
3 - diving

Out of Doors
1 - high wire at pgl
1 - growing a daffodil
1 - making and cooking on an open fire
2 - camping with friends
3 -DofE bronze expedition

1 - get a penpal
1 - help at thinnking day event
1 - plan my dream trip
2 - take dream trip (Amsterdam)
3 - 3 weeks in Australia


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This is what I have done for mine :

Community Action
1 - Ran the Children's Marathon Challenge to raise money for charity and our Cubs unit
1 - Volunteer reader at a primary school
1 - Volunteer leader at a summer holiday club
2 - Volunteer leader at Messy Church
3 - Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Independent Living
1 - 100 years of homemaking centenary badge
1 - Learnt some sign language
1 - Life skills night at SS
2 - Went on an In4mers weekend with people I didn't know
3 - Planned and budgeted for my Wedding

1 - Led an easter cooking activity at Cubs
1 - Ran Pennies for Pudsey at Cubs and SS
1 - Ran the Sweetastic badge at SS
2 - Organised and took part in my own Ultimate Adventure (I missed the unit one)
3 - Working towards my Wood Badge and gained my Cubs Warrant and certificate

Personal Values
1 - Made my Promise as a SS member
1 - 5 Sense night at SS
1 - Me in Mind at SS
2 - Attended a variety of Church services over the course of a year and produced letters etc for my church
3 - Centenary scrapbook

1 - Made beaded flowers
1 - Painted Easter eggs
1 - Jewellery making
2 - Cross stitching
3 - Sing in a band and play guitar

Fit for life
1 - Race for life x 5
1 - Relaxation night at SS
1 - Took part in a charity quiz
2 - First Aid course and did the Emergency Aid badge with Cubs
3 - Ice skating lessons and ice skating

Out of Doors
1 - Scavenger hunt with SS
1 - Local town monopoly with SS
1 - Centenary campfire
2 - Anglia outdoor challenge badge
3 - Planned and carried out a trip to London and gained the London challenge badge

1 - Celebrated Chinese Ney Year with Cubs
1 - Australia Day evening at SS
1 - Australian Centenary challenge badge
2 - Commonwealth Award
3 - Innovate Ulster


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Heys guys, for my out of doors and community action on look wider I was wondering if i could use the same thing?

I have and am currently at our chalet and am volenteering here for ready steady go week!!!

We have been helping to build a path aswell as going into adelboden town for a whole day (6 hours) to do a community service project!

Can anyone advise where this would fit into my look wider? I was thinking the building of the path for out of doors and maybe the town for community action?

Any help would be awesome than you!


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Hmm.... I would say the whole week together would be community action, phase 2 maybe?

I'm not sure whether it's worthwhile/possible to try to split it up into its component parts.... esp as they are really all community action anyway.


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So maybe i could use todays community action in adelboden for phase one and the whole week for phase two? and if i can use the same thing twice I can also do it for my international!


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As you can all probabily gather I am keen to get some guiding awards and my look wider first!!! (Im turning 23 next week and realise that I only have a few years to sort this out lol)

So I literally started doing my look wider a few weeks ago, and I have a few things that im unsure about!

This colour means I have done them
This colour is for ideas

Any advise on my ideas or any other ideas to fill the spaces would be good, thank you!

Community Action
1 - Litter Picking in adelboden town
1 -
1 -
2 -
3 -

Independent Living
1 - First response
1 - Apply for classes in September
1 - Work out leaving home from my income
2 -
3 -

1 - Parashoot Games with Rainbows
1 -
1 -
2 -
3 - ALQ

Personal Values
1 - Made my Promise as a guider
1 - Talk with someone of another religion and compare
1 -
2 -
3 -

1 - guiding related poems
1 - Get badges on camp blanket and make it nice!
1 - Make a pillowcase
2 - complete a trefoil cross stitch
3 -

Fit for life
1 - Hiking to the Woodcarvers from Our Chalet
1 - 20 sit ups and 20 push ups every morning for a week
1 -
2 -
3 -

Out of Doors
1 - Our Chaelt Scavenger Hunt
1 -
1 -
2 - PGL day camp
3 -

1 - Welsh Class
1 - American Girl Scout Based Night with Rainbows/Brownies
1 - Volenteering at Our Chalet
2 - Volenteering at Our Chalet for two weeks!

3 - Completing The Our Chalet Challange!


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Ive literally only just sat and worked all this out, I tried to start my award about a year and a half ago but no one really helped me out with it, but when ive looked ive done most :)

still to do is this colour

Community Action
1 – Helping with friends change the world fundraiser
1 – lead/joined in with a session to fill/decorate jars to sell at village fate
1 – donated old clothing to local charity shop
2 - ?
3 - One year working as a mentor to yr5-7 at local key skills improvement centre

Independent Living
1 - First response
1 – Apply for student finance
1 – Budgeting for a trip
2 – Start learning to drive
3 – Planned, packed then moved for university

1 – Attended county guide training day
1 – Ran an evening at Guides
1 – Lead a campfire on pack holiday
2 – Young leader for a term
3 - ALQ

Personal Values
1 - Made my Promise as a guider
1 – Attended NEE youth participation session
1 - Created a box of items which remind me of important events/people to take to uni
2 - updated my cv and spent time looking/applying for jobs, considering hours/other commitments, attended a job interview
3 - Aimed and managed to pass Alevels with A & B grades

1 – Went to see Wicked on the west end
1 - sewed all my badges onto my camp blanket in a decent order
1 – Attended big gig
2 – Create a scrapbook of images/info about Girlguiding UK/ Centenary
3 – Spent almost 2 weeks at Centenary camp as a photographer

Fit for life
1 – Walk home from college for one week
1 – Learn the most recent rules for badminton[/COLOR]
1 – Helped to make healthy smoothies with mentor group
2 – Regularly walked to Guides rather than asking for a lift
3 - Attend badminton for at least 2 hours each week during term time, aiding peers with their playing too (in progress)

Out of Doors
1 – Ran summer games outside with Guides
1 - Monopoly challenge in London
1 – High wire course with friends in Dalby Forest
2 – ?
3 - Senior section permit?

1 – Visit to Pax lodge
1 – Travelled abroad independently for Girlguiding UK
1 – Help run Thinking day activities
2 – Attended INTOPS
3 – Spent 3 weeks in America, organising activities for group and aiding in directions
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I am right in thinking though that each of the first phase sections have to be tasters for the section so the first 3 can be activities that area around an hour long.
Then phase 2 has to be between 8 - 12 hours long and then phase 3 has to be 20+ hours of work.
Just worried as mine are literally that and some people seem to have phase 1 activities as full days etc where as in my unit we usually do one of the phase one activities within the unit as a meeting activity to as I said give a taster for something they could pursue further for that octant.

Or at least that's what I remember reading a while back and was always told too.

Phase 1.1 - Researched into fair trade and how it effects different countries, then discussed this with the Guides.

Phase 1.2 - Calculated my carbon footprint.

Phase 1.3 - Did the World Guiding badge with Guides

Phase 2 -???

Phase 3 - Working in American for 3 months, travelled to different places within the area and also travelled to Canada. Learnt about the history of NH.

Independent Living
Phase 1 - Researched money saving ideas that would work best for me, put these into place and worked out the savings per month.

Phase 1.2 - Researched phone tariffs, including T&C's to see which would be the best option when coming up to upgrade.

Phase 1.3 - Rewrite CV and send out applications. I tried two different types of layout to see if either got a better response, tried to ask for feedback from companies etc

Phase 2 - Created an account for my weekly spending to log where my money goes over 6 months, to expand on Phase 1.1 and implement some changes in order to save money.

Phase 3 - Planning my trip to the USA, applying for a Visa and going to get it. New Passport, communicating with employer etc. Planning finances over the 3 month trip.

Fit for life
Phase 1.1 - Researching Chemicals that are contained within foods and their effects on us.

Phase 1.2 - Making a healthy Eating Plan and sticking to it for at least a month.

Phase 1.3 - ???

Phase 2 - Water Activity days x 2. Canoeing, Sailing, Rafting etc. Also Canoeing regularly while in America over a 2 mile lake.

Phase 3 - Taking up a Gym membership and following a workout regime 3 times a week at least.

Phase 1.1 - Mug painting

Phase 1.2 - Tye Dye Neckers for Senior Section and Guides

Phase 1.3 - Face painting - learning how and putting it into practise at our local carnival and other fundraising days

Phase 2 - Photography training weekends.

Phase 3 - Jewellery making, learning new skills and spending over 3 months learning to make and sell jewellery to a high standard using polymer clay and beads etc. Also making embroidered bracelets.

Community Action
Phase 1 - Researching what activities are available in the area for young people to establish if there is a link with youth crime.

Phase 1.2 - Looking at the charities available in the local area etc and fundraising for one.

Phase 1.3 - Making a log of issues within the local community and making a plan of how SS can help.

Phase 2 : Clean up project for local Nature reserve.

Phase 3 : Volunteering at a local homeless shelter.

Personal Values
Phase 1.1 - Vision board

Phase 1.2 - Researching on Confidence issues in youth and young women.

Phase 1.3 - Went to the house of commons to discuss the GGUK petition.

Phase 2 - ?????

Phase 3 - ?????

Out of Doors
Phase 1.1 - Senses activity during the night outside on camp permit.

Phase 1.2 - Star Watching Night to plan with the Guides.

Phase 1.3 - Night Hike

Phase 2 - Took part in hiking around a lake regularly, taking photographs of the surroundings and also sleeping outdoors under the stars while in the USA.

Phase 3 - Plant a fruit and veg garden and tend to it over the year.

Leadership Octant.
Phase 1.1 - Run messy night for Guides

Phase 1.2 - Run campfire for Brownies/Guides at try camping weekend.

Phase 1.3 - Read details and start to plan Leadership for Senior Section

Phase 2 - Take the patrol price guides on day outings over the year on my own.

Phase 3 - Complete ALQ for Guides.


Rainbow Guider & Ranger
I am right in thinking though that each of the first phase sections have to be tasters for the section so the first 3 can be activities that area around an hour long.
Then phase 2 has to be between 8 - 12 hours long and then phase 3 has to be 20+ hours of work.
You're right...it's still written down somewhere (SS CD, or PDF on there or something).
A few of my phase 1 were more than an hour, because that activity happened to feed into stage 2. Or sometimes because I'd already done a short taster before I started SS/LW, so returning to it/trying it for longer was the challenge.
But most of my Phase 1s were only an hour - like you, taster sessions at a unit meeting, or short sessions at camps or Broneirion SS weekends (ie not the whole camp/weekend but each individual session).