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Men in guiding


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Yes, there were. I think from Portugal but I could be wrong.

Men play a massive role in Guiding and we would be poorer without them. But I think we all appreciate that we have a massive advantage in being a female led organisation.
Actually they were greek, and the guide assoc there allows male guides so they had to be allowed to camp. It saddened me though that the group were place at the edge of a subcamp with a sizeable gap between them and the rest of the subcamp...


men can be members I am a member but cant be a leader and wouldnt want to be I would rather just help and be some one the girls can confide in if they want to I get told things by the girls that even there parents dont know.
they know what is said in the hall stays in the hall ( unless I deem it needs passing on for their safety)
also if they have problems they will ask me for advice,
I always answer truthfully whatever it is and if I dont know answer I know some one who does
they know whatever they ask wont shock me and i wont dismiss what they say by fobbing them off


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Would the Scouts just have allowed female Scouters but no female Scouts?
They used to be like this - when I was a Brownie my brother's Cubs had a female Akela but there weren't any female scouts/cubs yet.

Rather like Fenris' description of men just demonstrating but not really teaching how to do axe work/climbing etc, it was kind of a "we need women to be the nurturing mum-types for the younger boys because men cannot do this". I think it would have been better if male Akelas had dried homesick boys' tears on Pack Holiday.

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I've never met any male helpers in our area but I did help at an event and the guiders husband was a unit helper and the girls seemed to like him, we've never had any males express interest really

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Although we did get an interesting reaction from the brownies when one of the guiders partners came to the panto with us, they were a bit confused :)
I wa a Scout in the dark days when being cought near the Guides in the adjoining field would result in being on the next train home. However, we are in enlightened times. I met my wife 20 years ago and used to pick her up from Brownies. The guider who helped with Intrest badges left, and so I became badger - hence the name. Since then I have been District Secretary and various types of helper. I am CRB's and have my Membership Card. I also have my MIDAS licence and drive minibuses, provide PA for dances and help and advice on camping.


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When we went to vision there was a male uh helper ( not with our pack ). Saw him a few weeks later and he's now sporting the promise badge. If he is not allowed to be a member, surely a promise is out of the question! Or is it just me being silly :/


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They make the Promise and be a non-member. The two aren't mutually exclusive!
Only females may make the Promise and wear the Promise badge. That is why we now have a members badge for those who can't or dont wish to make the Promise.


as a unit helper he can be a member but cant officialy make the promise and cant wear the promise badge
I have made it on many occasions when asked to, to show the girls that I know it or when they have all been asked to renew it I have a promise badge but cant wear it
as one of our old leaders said I had fullfilled the promise by the jobs I had over the last 50 yrs
serve queen and country 12 yrs in Royal navy
help other people 32 yrs on ambulance service and commitment to helping at guiding and doing the first responce/first aid training I do it voluntary and only claim for traveling and equipment used
as far as the religiouse side I do attend church or chaple on occasions
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Only females may make the Promise and wear the Promise badge. That is why we now have a members badge for those who can't or dont wish to make the Promise.
do we have a members badge for those that can't or won't make the promise? confused as only know of the promise badges we give out when the girls/adults make their promise... [is this a new badge? or a badge I've overlooked/missed from trading???]


not heard of a members badge before only one I can think of is the world badge that they can wear
as members of wagggs


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They're in the online shop, £1.25 each, small oval silver badge. If you choose "badges" on the side bar, page 6 of 8.