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Millennium stadium sleepover

I believe this has been arranged by girl guiding Cymru, is anyone going?
would like to know more such as is it camping the post on girlguiding cymru just gives an application form no info. I am local but we have a starquest event on the sunday.


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Yeah, apprently its sleeping in corridors (with windows I read somewhere). It sounds a bit like the techniquest sleepovers if you've done those?


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You don't need a licence no as they'll have leaders there with the their large scale licences.

Not sleeping on the pitch?? - well that may be a deal breaker lol - My girls will be disppointed!!

(rugbynutter you can go with mine if you want - 1000 girls all night?!?!?)


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No, as far as I can tell it's not on the pitch. I'm not a sports fan so it's not that thrilling to me, but our girls screamed when we told them
Just found out we have places. its sleeping on the upper concourse floor.only got 6 going but will be a great experience for them as we are so local


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Hello, I'm a Brownie Guider in Cardiff that found out about this event on Thursday. I was not satisfied with the information and notice given, so I emailed Welsh HQ. From the reply I can share

The event is being managed by the [Wales Chief Commissioner and deputies of] the guiding development team with lots of support, and quoting from the email
'We have enough licence holders the risk assessments are underway, '
'we will be in an enclosed space ( unfortunately the pitch will be dug up )'
'we are paying for the stadium security'
'we have a band, disco , special guests and all sorts of other things lined up'

I have emailed back asking more detail about whether the girls are sleeping on concrete concourse.

I'm torn between offering the event to the girls and asking so much of the unit team and myself on this one (we too have a county BBB event that weekend). Its a toughie......


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Have you already booked the county event? Could you offer the choice to the girls (as long as leaders are happy with either)?

I know I wouldn't want to be at an all day event right after a Brownie sleepover!
Girls are sleeping on upper concourse floor. I have 6 going and 5 are going to Starquest on the Sunday. Girls have to leave by 10.30 at latest ours are being picked up 8.30 offered this to mine as we are local and its a once in a lifetime chance to sleep there. We dont do pack holiday. I e mailed parents with the info so it was their choice


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We are coming down from North Wales to the sleepover! We were a bit gutted to learn that we wouldn't be sleeping on the pitch . Hopefully will still be fun though, can't wait to hear more details as to what we will be doing!!


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I was on the GGC website the other day, but didn't spot this. It doesn't seem to be very well publicised? Wouldn't have known about it without this forum.
I was on the GGC website the other day, but didn't spot this. It doesn't seem to be very well publicised? Wouldn't have known about it without this forum.
I only spotted it by chance as I rarely look at GGC. I am in Cardiff but nothing came down from County till 2 weeks ago. There is nothing on Girlguiding Cymru face book page. Just had info through about the night. Disco ,band celebrities.Only got 6 going as we have a county event on the Sunday