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'Mocktail' idea

We are having our Pot of Gold party soon, Iwas thinking of having a cocktail in little fancy (plastic) glasses with the regulatory umbrella of course. Anyone have an idea for a Mocktail?



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Mixing fruit juice or squash with fizzy water/lemonade?

Elderflower cordial or apple juice and fizzy water can make a good "champagne" too.

sandra 100

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our girls like to mix their own we buy different bottles of pop and they mix the flavours to their taste some look disgusting but taste lovely


A base of fresh apple or orange juice can be enhanced with food colouring, sugared rims, fruit pieces etc. You can get re-usable fancy ice cubes - shapes, or even with flashing lights in them.


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My daughter often has a mocktail, which is fruit juice (usually apple juice), either water or sparkling water and then a little grenadine which gives it a fantastic two tone look, and tastes sweet and fruity too. It looks fab til she stirs it all up, then it goes a brown colour, but she loves it anyway. It also means she doesn't have too much fizzy pop.