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Module 1 Part 4 c - Senior Section


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I'm doing module one to add Senior Section to my LQ.

I'm pondering module 1, part 4c.

Help a member of the unit or a small group of girls find out about the section to which she/they can progress, using the relevant transition resources for your section.

The Ranger unit has mostly members under 16.

Most will transfer (if they stay in guiding) into an SSAGO, or a unit as a YL/Leader as they leave home and/or head on to further education or university, or transfer into another Senior Section unit wherever they move to next. Some are already YLs, and might start to focus more on the volunteering rather than Rangers.
Many will not transfer at all, but will leave Rangers at some point, and it may be many years until they chose to return to Guiding, as helpers, leaders, parents, trefoil,....

I would like them to know what their options are, and the Guiding comes in lots of different shapes and sizes, and that they will always be welcome. But I do not feel that for this group there is any single next section to which they can progress. I am therefore slightly puzzled as to how to approach this element.

Any/all thoughts/suggestions welcome.


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what about being a leader, doing advocate, training to be a leader. that would be transitioning, event looking as SASSGO. Trefoil


In some ways, it's asking you to open their eyes to the range of options. So some will be looking to stay in Senior Section units until nearer 26. Some heading to university may have the option of SSAGO, others going down that path may find a Senior Section unit near Uni, or become involved in helping at units near the Uni/the halls. Some will have tricky working hours which make Trefoil Guild a better option, especially if they can find a Guild with activities to suit. And for those who are keen there are lots of schemes, awards and initiatives they can involve themselves in. So one good way would be to encourage them to create a little flowchart with some of the options . . .