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Mum wants to help out at my Brownie unit


My mum would like to start helping out at the brownie pack that I young lead at

Is this legal?

We need an extra pair of hands for a couple of weeks towards the end of term and she would like to help and maybe become a perminant helper.

any comments would be helpful :)



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yeah that's fine!!
get her to speak to the leaders and they should be able to register her after a few weeks if she is coming pretty regularly.
me, my sister, my mum, my dad and my husband all do guide camps together, a lot are family affairs!!


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she can start helping while you carry out the paperwork, but not left 1-1 with any girl.
Ideally get her started on it ASAP


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She'll only need to be CRBd if she stays and becomes a regular helper. For a few weeks it's fine for her not to be, but you'll just hvae to make sure she isn't left on her own with the girls.
ok thanks girls!
Initially its just a couple of weeks so no CRB needed but then if she stays paperwork needed =] gotcha =]
I am determined to get her into guiding but I have been trying for about 6 years so helping for two weeks is progress =]


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For a bit we had me and mum as Guiders in the same unit, with my sister as the YL. I did feel a little sorry for the one other Guider in the unit. I'm no longer there, but my sister is now a UH


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my team is made up of - my mum, my sister and my gf so yes its fine to have your family in the same team. I also run a business just me and mum so i have a good amount of experiance of working with family members.

Its worked really well here but Id recomend some basic rules between you
- When your in guiding mode and working with the girls or team meetings you are fellow guiders not mother daughter leave any disagreements you had that morning at the door.
- If shes got a guiding name then try to use it itll help the above
- Try to ensure that your talking about something other then guiding 24/7 at home trust me it can soon take over every family conversation.


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My mum is brown owl, im a young leader and my sister is a pack helper!!! Its a very family filled affair at our unit!!!


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my mum was my unit helper and it opened her eyes to how hard we all work planning and running meetings etc, she's 68 now and retired when I moved from being GiC to AG again, so that way she could babysit my kids while I went to meetings