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Mum wants to help out at my Brownie unit


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my team is made up of - my mum, my sister and my gf so yes its fine to have your family in the same team. I also run a business just me and mum so i have a good amount of experiance of working with family members.

Its worked really well here but Id recomend some basic rules between you
- When your in guiding mode and working with the girls or team meetings you are fellow guiders not mother daughter leave any disagreements you had that morning at the door.
- If shes got a guiding name then try to use it itll help the above
- Try to ensure that your talking about something other then guiding 24/7 at home trust me it can soon take over every family conversation.
Some very good points there :)

I'm YL with my mum is AG (we will both be AG's soon :) ). Both og us get on really well with GiC though :)

- I find that if we've had a falling out it is a case of as soon as we get to the hall its a been left at home
- I try to call her by her first name (names we go by in unit), I thought that I occasionally slipped up but turned out majority of the girls didn't even know we were related until we both took a pic of our pets!
- It can become the main topic of conversation, my poor dad goes mad! So try and keep it 'contained' :D

But, it does work well because we already know what the other will/won't want to do etc


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You must have a better working relationship with your mums than I do, I moved Cub packs because we kept arguing while we were there!


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I ran brownies with my sister for years and it worked really well. The only problem I've found is that if you have non-family helpers also you have to make a really big effort to include them in your planning as it's so easy to discuss plans without them.