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Need some thing as good as loombands for Brownies


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This time last year Loombands hadn't hit our town.... We introduced them at Brownie Holiday and gave each girls a kit to get them started and showed them a couple of simple patterns. The holiday was the best ever: lots of activities we'd arranged but in spare time we didn't need to entertain them they went off and chatted and made loomband things on their own. In previous years the usual suspects finished first and wanted to go on to the next thing and the next: it was OK but seemed exhausting compared to last year when everything was so lovely and calm and unhurried.

So, I'm looking for the next thing to offer: something we can quickly show them the basics of and let them get on with it unaccompanied if possible in between the organised activities. All I can think of is scoobies/macramé: does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance :)


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Japanese weaving. We always have that on offer - it is a great thing to pick up and put down. We often take them when we go on trips that will have lots of sitting around/queuing to help keep them occupied.

Another thing we do on pack holiday is to have challenges for them to do in their spare time. We have 10 challenges that they can do, and they have to get a leader to sign off when they have done it. The one who does the most in the time we have wins a prize (or the one who does them all the quickest). We go away for 5 days usually, so it gives them enough time to be able to complete them. They include things like: eat something you don't like, do a secret good turn, skip 20 times forwards and 20 times backwards, throw and catch a ball x times with a friend, make some sort of crafty thing (usually an origami thing). Can't think of any others right now.


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pompom creatures making the cirles out of cereal box cardboard they just need help to cut circle in middle for rings then just need encouraging to keep wrapping wool around as the more wool the better, once cut add googly eyes and feet


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What is Japanese weaving please? Google isn't helping me! Thanks

Friendship bracelets look simple enough too. Thanks
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My Brownies love Japanese weaving (as do the Guides and Senior Section!)

There are step by step instructions with accompanying photos in our unit's challenge pack - available to download by following link in my signature.

Brownies will need a hand to start but once they've done a few rounds, they can continue unaided


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Ah, so Japanese weaving is the same thing as the friendship bracelets further up? I hadn't heard the term before.
We did them at Division BBB camp last year as well Ivy didn't we? I think that was the craft activity upstairs during camp strike.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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Having watched that youtube, yes, it's the same thing we did at the sleepover last year. Easy to pick up and put down again, and simple enough that girls can just get on with it.


If they are good at craft, then you can do keyrings (or even belts) using 'boatswain' or 'rolling boatswain' knot - the great thing is that it can easily be put down and picked up.


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Never let it be said I don't take advice!
So in 2014 we did loom bands, in 2015 on holiday we did the Japanese looms/friendship bracelets and at camp in the summer we made Gods Eyes. So I need another 'they can do it with minimal supervision in their rooms' type craft please!
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance


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If you've got loom bands still, you can make great bouncy balls with them. Or have a look at Gwen's thread about things to do with wool where I tried to explain the wool/curtain ring/bug thing !
I know they are good at craft so this time I am asking them to make crafts with junk. Because I have seen that most of the junks can be converted to useful things through upcycling. I have an article 10 Tips For Upcycling | Junk Works about some tips to do the upcycling. We have made mats with the old clothes during our last holiday.