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New brownie in need!


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My friend who has a daughter has recently darted brownies she had waited for two years onna waiting list and hS recently got into our feeder unit. She was not a rainbow but was keen to join. The unit runs In an affluent area however unit funds are not much and the parents don't tend to donate uniform back.

Her mum does so much for the community running parenting groups. She really is worthy and is a single mum on a budget
The unit she is joining has affluent kids with all the kit.

She has been twice to meeting and both times came out beaming and enthused.
Her mum is so pleased she likes it
Her main worry is the uniform and sundry items. She managed to get a hooded jacket from an nct sale in a size 28
She is 8 and quite slim so probably a med bottoms

If anyone can help out with any uniform or other items, they will be going to a fantastic little girl and her very worthy mum xxx

Please pm me if you think you can help


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That would be fabulous!!! Thankyou
I will pm you my address xxxx

I have had one kind offer of uniform item so thanks you know who you are xxx
Any more uniform or other items would be gratefully received


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I know I have some and possibly adventure/Adventrue on books too. Will take a look and see what size the uniform is.


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I have quite a bit of uniform but to be fair to our girls I'd have to ask someone to pay for it. I have most sizes of tops and trousers though and sashes/gilets. Sashes are £4 as are short sleeved t-shirts, trousers/l-sleeve/gilets are £5.

I am happy to pay for the postage myself! If you have an idea of size PM me.


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Dizzy - have you tried mentioning in a letter that the unit would appreciate outgrown uniform being donated? Parents might not think of it if it has never been done. I'm in a middling-economic area and we get a lot of second hand uniform.