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New Guiding Website - Cliparts?


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I am just wondering if anyone can help with accessing clip art that used to be on the old Guiding website but since the new one I can't find where I can download them... We have just changed our sixes over to different ones and could do with accessing them but can't find where.. Any help would be appreciated :)
Thank you


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I have lots of the clip art (including the Six emblems) downloaded - if you message me your email address I can send them to you?


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We have had a message from County saying it has been taken down as it does not fit with the new brand.

Apparently they are thinking about how best to replace/update it.

While I probably believe them you could also be a bit sceptical about the timing.


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I was with the people who work at guiding HQ who made the website upgrade, as people were using the right click to save the clipart and not downloading them it was showing that it wasn't needed. They will be adding it back soon-ish. I have most of the clip art as well if anyone needs is


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Clip Art is back up now https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/making-guiding-happen/resources/create-a-resource/clip-art-images/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social-media&utm_campaign=websitelaunch
All the Brownie and Guide badges are on there, and the Six and patrol badges.
They have take off the older clip art, that wasn't on brand anymore, or that was just random stuff (i don't think the xylophone image was used much!!!)
The section trefoils aren't on there anymore either - they should only be used as Promise Badges, not clip art.