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Question? New ideas, new term?


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Hi everyone,
I can't believe the Summer holidays are over already.
So then, what has everybody got planned for the new term in Rainbows?:)


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One of my units is homeless for a few weeks due to work being carried out so lots of visits planned Pets at Home, Tesco, Fire Station, Town Hall, visit to my other unit and starting the term next week with a trail in local park. My other unit celebrates it's own 30th birthday later in the term so planning for that. A Fire Station visit, so hopefully a Fire Challenge badge and we'll see what other ideas the girls come up with when we start back next week.


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Our term looks like this:
Holland theme (windmill making/cheese tasting)
Promise activity (hand of friendship)
Tie dyeing
Bring A Mum (apple tasting/games/sleepover meeting combo)
Brownies (games with local unit)
Out & About (walk to local orchard)
Leaver's party