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Newbie resurrecting a Closed Guide group


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Hi there

Please can anyone point me in the right direction to learn handy stuff to resurrect a group.

I've been in scouting for 10 years, I'm not leaving, Guides will be as well. I have a different age group in Scouts too.

I'm concerned the program is changing soon and my Guides is starting in January.

Any advice and ideas greatly appreciated


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Go with what you've got and worry about the programme changes as and when they are published; it should be at least a year of changeover period if not more. As long as you run a varied and interesting programme and give the girls plenty of opportunity to practise planning and leadership skills, then I'd say you are golden!

Have a look at Vicky's site for extra resources: Resources - 2nd Kingsbridge Guides

Are you starting with a young unit or do you have a wide range of ages to cater for? How many patrols?


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I wouldn't worry about the new programme too much at the moment. Some of the taster kits ( you should be able to get hold of a taster pack) will give an idea of the activities to do...
I'd start out getting the girls to bond and form patrols. On the Guide website there are 'Go for it's' 'GFI' which are the activity packs for Guides. Some you have to buy but some are downloadable. I'd look at Teamwork initially and then two or three of the others for the girls to choose.
Guides should have some say in their activities but starting out they need guidance so a couple of weeks of set activities, maybe choosing the game, then widening the choice to choosing which activity in the GFI to do, building up to choose which GFI to do or maybe one of the interest badges such as First Aid or Fire prevention which can be done all together.

It shouldn't be too hard to fill a couple of terms and come September the new programme will launched and we'll all be in the same boat..

One thing to be aware of is that whilst much of your Scouting experience will be useful, somethings are different and we have different policies for permissions, paperwork etc and are much more unit orientated rather than Group orientated for some things. Don't be afraid to ask for help locally even though people may not feel as close as they are in Scouting