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My main thing: as long as you are following GG policy/promgramme, staying safe and the girls and volunteers are happy then you are fine! And don't be afraid to talk and work with other units.

Don't worry about how other units appear on paper and online.Who cares if the unit down the road has a slightly longer waiting list, their leaders run a trip away or residential once a month or always seem to have the best craft ideas? It doesn't necessarily mean that they are any better or finding it easier than you, however much it might feel like it on a bad day!

Each unit is slightly different and none is perfect- maybe the leaders are stressed at how they will facilitate such a long list, feel obliged to run so many trips and spend ages following up forms and payments, and the craft is ingenious but is far too twiddly for Rainbows.

But when we share and work together the waiting to join list is now shared between your units, joint trips are run meaning your girls can do more trips and between all the leaders the logicstal planning burden is eased, and you can share craft ideas with feedback ("it looks good but it took too long to tie all the knots and they got bored, so we used three knots rather than fifteen. It looks different but it still works and we finished all of them on time!").

Never feel guilty for not being able to do "extras"- and if parents complains their help would be very welcome to organise that trip to Legoland, get a horse to come to the unit for free rides or a Frozen theme sleepover complete with a visit from Elsa...