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Norwegian Echo Song


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Ok, getting a little desperate now.

I'm looking for the tune to "Norwegian Echo"... The lyrics are below.

It was in a list of international campfire songs that my Junior BP Candidates were looking through so that they could teach the rest of the unit an international song. So of course one has very determinately picked it, even though she has no idea how it goes. We've been through all our cassette tapes, CD's and most of the internet, looking for it, but It doesn't seem to be anywhere!

Thought I'd try one last check before we tell her to pick something else (which will go down a treat, I'm sure!)

Norwegian Echo
We have campfired here
By the deep blue sea
And the slender trees
On a lonesom isle

All that we hold dear
In the north and south
Can be seen so clear
in the golden glow

As the sun goes down
Everything is still
Then our camp-fire song
Echoes o'er the hill.

We have campfired here,
By the deep deep fjord.
And the slender trees,
On Norwegian soil.