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Oh no!


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Poor Scotch, she's stuck in Aberdeen coz there has been so much rain the roads and the rails are shut!!

Everyone send her happy thoughts to help her keep smiling till she gets home



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I thought of Scotch when I heard on the news rail links in Scotland were shut cause of the flooding.

Hope you make it home soon!


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I saw on the news about all the flooding and that the trains were not running, and thought of Scotch...

I'm surprised she even made it to Aberdeen after seeing the footage of Stonehaven on the news at 7am...


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Good news!! Scotch has made it to Huntly where she was met by hubby and Clyde (their dog). Now making their way (slowly!) back home.

what an epic journey!!


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Helloooooo - I'm home, at last!!! Nearly 24 hours after I left the campsite!

It was a very long, and very tiring journey. Thank you all so so much for your messages, brought a lovely big smile to my face and thanks so much to Susi for putting up with my grumpiness this morning when I found out I had to get a bus from Dundee to Aberdeen!!!

It was lovely to meet you all at the weekend and I ditto all the comments and thank yous to the organisers - thank you all so so much for a fantastic weekend!!

Now I'm going to curl up in front of the fire and hubby is making food, yay! :)

And now that I'm home, I can officially declare that G2G4 is officially over.......BRING ON G2G5!!!


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sort of glad i wasn't able to accompany you to this G2G Scotch, but happy to hear you are home safe and well.

Cap'n Gaerlick

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So glad you made it home in one piece Scotch. Not such a distance to travel for G2G5!!!

Glad you had a great weekend - now put your feet up and enjoy a very well earned rest!!!


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Yeh, not so far to go to Edinburgh, fingers crossed we don't get flooding that weekend too else I'll end up with a similar journey!