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Olympics - 2012


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not sure when this was released, but I've just stumbled across the schedule of the events - makes it seem more real to know when all the races are planned for!


also have released a list of events where tickets start at £20 or less (some tickets for finals start at £50+ and top seat at opening ceremony is over £2000!)


tickets go on sale on 15th March (bet the telephone lines will be busy!)

I know a few on this forum were planning on helping out at the olympics - think it will be an exciting time :)

found out our local sports centre is an official olympic training centre...
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Yet another thing to add to my mental 'to do' list. At least tickets for the only bit we're likely to be interested in are reasonable! :)


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I am not sure what to do about tickets as I would like to go to some events, but I am still waiting to hear about volunteering. What if I get some tickets, then can't go coz I am volunteering then?!


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I'd love to go watch some, the hockey mainly, but cant find the reasoning to spend so much to go. So, the ticket for hockey is only £20, but traveling there, as well as having to find somwhere to stay the night (dont fancy doing the round trip in one day) would cost so much. BBC red button all the way!!!


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I was thinking the same about the volunteering too. I want to go one way or another, but don't want to apply for a ticket then get a volunteering place. Similarly I don't want to not apply for a ticket then not get a volunteer place


The Wicked Witch of the West (15,000+ posts)
ticket prices supposed to include some public transport in them - is that only the london underground?

I would have thought now that schedule announced that they will sort out volunteers for different days/venues next... (well lets hope so)


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If you end with tickets and then get selected for volunteering, I don't think you'll have any problems selling on your tickets (on here, for example!)
Better to have tickets and have to sell them, than to miss out on tickets...


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thats true about tickets - ebay is going to be awash with tickets me thinks... although noticed on the big pfd it says tickets limited to 10 (that must be to stop mass buying and selling on at a profit!)


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haven't told OH yet but DD and i are thinking about going to see the 3 day event cross country. I promised myself the day it was announced that I would try to go and the bombs the next day just made the promise stronger! If i don't go it won't be for lack of trying


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I can't wait! My dad and I decided ages ago that we have got to go and my daughter will be able to come too! Although not so sure about the current bump!
It is very exciting!!!


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Quote from the volunteering website:

"We have now started inviting successful applicants to selection events - these will take place between February 2011 and early 2012. We'll email applicants three to five weeks before their selection event, so don't worry if you don't receive an invitation until much later in the year, or even in early 2012 - we won't have forgotten about you!"

So basically, you might not hear until next year, so if you want tickets, apply for them!


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Just discovered that the road cycling goes past my garden gate (on my DD's birthday!)... so no need for me to buy tickets for that one!!!! Yay!!!