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Idea! Olympics and Jubilee what you doing?


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Hi all,

Thinking ahead to next term and to get as many ideas as i can- What is everyone doing for the Olympics and Jubilee in their units?

Ideas would be appreciated :)




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on your marks - we're just doing the "sports" badge and then something do to with jubilee (not sure what yet) and of course we've got the 25th birthday of rainbows to squeeze in too


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We're doing the Olympics theme for our weekend camp in June.
Weather-depending we hope to be have the opening ceremony procession with one of the leaders carrying the torch (might be a long candle or something similar) round the campsite collecting the "teams" to end up at the camp-fire, which will be lit by the torch. Saturday we'll be mainly Olympic games - we have a meeting on Friday to finalise the planning of these. On Sunday morning we want to do a Guides Own based on the "spirit of the Olympics".
Each team will need to make up their own country and design their own flag - as we want to use these at the Opening ceremony, this will be done in the Guide meeting before camp.

For the Diamond Jubilee the Guides have been invited to help decorate a restaurant here in Munich where there'll be a Queens Diamond Jubilee party on the Saturday.
At the Guide meeting on Tuesday we're planning a Garden Party - again weather-depending - it might become a Tea Party.


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My Guides are doing the On Your Marks badges. We will be doing something for the Jubilee but I haven't yet started thinking in detail about what - some sort of party, probably.


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My uni district are having a street party, I don't think i'll be going as it is the day after I finish uni forever... so I expect to be comatosed and then finishing packing and moving home :'(


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We are doing On Your Marks at our District Camp (with Brownies and SS) . The badges (the whole set) were a big chunk out of the budget, but worth it I think.

we are having a whole District Jubilee Street party on 8th June.


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I'm running a history based Jubilee meeting with a timeline of all the monarchs in the 20th century and activities for each. We agreed in the end to give a badge to all girls in the unit next term (I know some people are counting all who were in Guiding at any time in 2012), either on that day or at their next meeting.
Someone else is running an On Your Marks meeting later in term, not sure which activities we'll pick though. I haven't seen the resource. We did decide to just get one of the badge set though.
Hi there, this is a bit late but thought I'd drop a line to say what we did for the Olympics (Sports) badge over the last few weeks- hope it helps someone!

Firstly, I got some massive boxes from the local supermarket and the Guides cut out and painted gigantic Olympic Rings for our hall. I then got some cheap white bedsheets and quartered them- in teams our girls then picked an Olympic country flag to paint onto them ( I made sure that the I gave them a selection of world flags that were slightly trickier and more detailed to paint i.e. Brazil rather than Germany). We now have some fabulous flags hanging in our hall which cheer the place up no end.

For the second meeting I planned a Paralympics event. This took some advance planning but I managed to loan a wheelchair from a local venue which was used for wheelchair basketball. I then used some cheap sunglasses I had and covered the lens with stickers which had holes punched in them- these were used for vision impaired table tennis. For the third game we did sitting- down volleyball and used balloons instead of balls. The girls had to stick to official Paralympic rules which are 'one butt cheek on the ground at all times!' (cue much laughter...). The fourth and final game was limb restricted darts using a cheap dartboard from a charity shop and a scarf to hold back the girls writing arm. The girls completed each 'event' in teams and at the end of the night the team with the best scores won! We also discussed the pros and cons of the games; a brilliant night (wheelchair basketball went down a treat!)!

Our third night we tool the girls swimming to our local pool. Our fourth night we played a game based on the idea that the original Olympians ran their marathon in full Armour (apparently). So I devised a basic game where I filled four bin-bags with similar items of clothing- tee-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, scarfs, shorts, pyjama trousers, wellies, chunky knee high socks, sunglasses, hats etc (anything I could get four of!). In teams, the girls had to race to the bottom of the hall, pull everything out the bin bag and put it on, race back to their team, get it all off, then the next girl had to run with the bag to the bottom of the hall and put it all on... you get the idea. A very, very amusing game- some of our Guides are about 4ft tall and had scarfs wrapped round them 5 times! Granted it was a bit of a tenuous link to the good old Olympians but a fun game nonetheless. We also made an exotic fruit salad (taken from the On Your Marks book) and a Olympic trivia game (run to the right of the hall for answer A, the left for answer B etc).

We've started our Jubilee badge and I have some ideas for the next couple of weeks. Last week I bought some cheap rolls of wallpaper (£1 per roll in Homebase) and the Guides rolled them out to make one massive (massive!) blank sheet on the floor of the hall. I had printed out some maps of the world and we got the girls to draw the map onto the paper (team A did the America region, team B did Australiasia etc). Next week I'm going to give them Commonwealth countries to locate on their map and get them to colour them in. Over the next few weeks we're going to be making kites (Diamond shaped) and having our annual BBQ (a Tea Party themed BBQ this year!) with tea party foods such as Eton Mess and traditional lemonade. I also bought some cheap Jubilee bunting (Hurrah for Poundland!), printed out some cracking images of the Queen from 1952 until today and got a scarf from Primark (in shops just now for £3) which is basically a massive Union Jack and got the girls to decorate their board in the Hall. Loads of fun!

Anyway, just some ideas I thought I'd share- I hope they help someone out there! I've just read a post about scrabble letters and got to thinking about making a massive scrabble board for the hall; ingredients = some left over lino, A4 size printed scrabble letters and a shed load of duck tape...

: )