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Outing ideas?


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Our Ranger unit is, sadly, closing at the end of this term and we want to do something special with the girls as a final outing. We've asked the girls what they want to do and they just haven't come up with anything.

We can spend around £20 per person and it needs to be roughly in the Surrey or London area, or easily reachable from there! I've had a few ideas, none of which have worked out and I'm feeling stumped. Has anyone done anything that sounds like it might work for us? We have 6 girls aged 15 - 18.


morris minor

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I am not familiar with your area so can only make general suggestions.
A meal together at a restaurant/venue that suits all. (dietary requirements allowing)
A theatre trip.
Ice skating if you have a rink nearby.
Climbing wall

Hope that has started the ball rolling :)


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Is there anything that you did early on in the units history that could be mirrored?

Are there any high up points you could watch the sunset with a “winter BBQ” (toast marshmallows, s’mores, sausages/burgers)?