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Question? Pack Holiday Venues in and around Berkshire

I'm looking for a venue for my licence pack holiday. It needs to be within a 45 minute drive of Maidenhead in Berkshire. I already know of quite a few, but am limited by the fact that we are a large group (roughly 40 people!) It mush be indoor, no camping! Ideally it should have some onsite activities.

I welcome any suggestions as I am going square eyed looking!


That's a very large number to take responsibility for on an assessment holiday!

Best person to ask is your County's Holiday Adviser. She will be able to give you details of all the approved sites in your County, and also details of ones in nearby Counties which units have used.


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That's a very large number for an assessment!

Have you looked at Londridge in Marlow? I believe they now have a larger indoor accomodation block, although as it's nolonger owned by the Scouts it's possibly not as cheap as other options. They have a great selection of on-site activities (I've enjoyed many of them over the past 25 years!) and it's a beautiful site right by the river, but depends what time of year you're hoping to visit as its riverside location can make it prone to flooding in the rainy seasons. I haven't visited the site for a few years or seen the new indoor facilities though, so my info may be out-of-date.

Also make sure you have a chat with your mentor and/ or your local holiday adviser if you haven't already, as they'll be the best source of info for venues in your area!
Thanks both! I'm not fazed by the number of girls, as I have been on upwards of 20 pack holidays but just never got round to getting my license! It's always been someone else as the license holder! I think I'm going to book the Maclean and Trailfinder buildings at PACCAR in Chalfont St Peter.
You are only allowed to take a maximum of 24 girls for your assessment.
From the website: To be assessed for any module of the Going Away With Scheme, you'll need to take away a minimum of six girls (so that they can work in two small groups) and a maximum of 24 girls.