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Pancake day games


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We're having pancakes at our meeting this week. Does anyone have ideas for games/other activities related to this please? We've previously tried tossing cardboard pancakes, but it didn't work as they were too light.


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Hi, I have rainbows, we have beanbag pancakes (felt circles filled with lentils) we use for pancake races in cheap frying pans, I have found a team game where each team has paper pancakes and has one more than the number on their team. They have to get the team across the room using the pancakes as stepping stones, so the one at the back passes the spare pancake down the line to the one at the front. I hvae also made a pancake beetle game which i will put in the resources on here. If you are on facebook then there are loads more ideas on the Rainbow Leaders group, or look for the Pancake challenge badge which has some great ideas too. There are lots of picture book stories about pancakes, such as Mr Wolf's pancakes, and Pancakes, Pancakes you could read to them. You could also search for colouring sheets, or find a pancake to print and they draw on their favourite toppings. Have fun!