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Paperwork for a new Leader/Unit Helper


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At the moment (not live on Join Us) we get any new volunteers to fill out this form and then our district admin (could be DC) puts them on GO and does recruitment checks.


When Join us is live the enquiry and basic details will come through it, I don't know whether it will ask for sufficient info to do away with the forms or not (we're not live yet).


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If Live on join us, new volunteer enters on details on GGUK/interested and DC will pick them up and sort her to a unit, CRB etc.

If not live, DC needs to meet and enter on GO/CRB etc. (or delegate to the District key user). There isn't any 'paperwork' as such anymore but your DC may ask her to complete a W/R to record name, address etc to enter it all on to GO but it's not essential.


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Your county may have a form that they need to sort out a mentor etc. We have a registration fee to cover the ALQ book. (Which District pays for).