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Patrol leader training


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I struggle with this every year, sometimes thinking I have gone overboard whilst at other times not done enough. I often find it difficult to fit it into the programme as the girls just want to get on with whatever Patrol activity they had planned. How does everyone deliver patrol Leader training and what exactly do you cover?


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You could make the first week back every term a meeting for patrol leaders only, with all the other girls starting the next week. It could be special and grown up. Ask what they need and why they think things do or don't work.


I usually use Monday holidays - as the girls are often home in the evening ready for school next day. I sometimes do part or all of Team Leader badge with them, other times we hold a PLC or I do training on a specific topic - such as how to choose and lead a game, how to plan and run a Patrol meeting, how to handle different personalities - or I teach a skill the unit are going to be working on (like knots for pioneering) so the PLs have a head start and can help with teaching the others.