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On your marks suggests doing a Pentathlon.

Over the years it has had all kinds of disciplines so there are no hard and fast rules about what should be included.

However equipment for say shot put and javelin would be a problem so I have decided to do a Guide Pentathlon!

I want to do 5 disciplines that reflect Olympic ones E.g. Running, Jumping & Throwing. But that have a Guide theme. Like throwing a tent pole instead of a Javelin! ( yes an old one)
I know you lot are good at thinking up this kind of thing so lets see what you can come up with.


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few ideas below which hopefully might spark off a few others to come up with some better ideas...

could do running carrying camp dinner (plastic cup of water?)
limbo dancing under guy ropes! (probably best to use a normal skipping rope held out for this? not sure this is olympicy though)
hurdling/high jumping over guy ropes (skipping ropes held out?)
escaping from collapsed tent? (could use large blanket or parachute for this and get girls to crawl under? not sure this is olympicy though?)
catch your camp dinner (tennis balls thrown and caught by someone holding out bag/teatowel perhaps?)
long jumping over campfire (might have to have a pile of rolled up newspaper for this one?)
relay camp dinner (passing a plastic plate of food or plastic plate with plastic cup balanced on it?)

will be watching this thread with interest to see if I can pinch any of these ideas for rainbows trip out to park :)

Jane Thin

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We included 'Throwing the Girlguiding Wellie', Discus (gold paper plates), Skiing (the walk-in-a-team home-made skis for several people with rope handles) Swimming (put on the goggles, swim-cap, armbands, then collect a cup of water and carry it through a play-tunnel to empty it at the end of the course) We also did 'equestrian' where we used horsey spacehoppers. The girls had a ball!


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As the modern pentathlon was invented to re-create the skill needed by a 19th century soldier (riding, swimming, running and fighting with pistols and swords), maybe your Guide pentathalon could re-create the skills a guide needs. e.g.

pitching a tent in the fastest time
lighting a fire safely in the quickest time
collecting the most firewood in a set time
Rifle shooting or archery competion if you have them available on site

All this is presuming you are on camp!


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My BP Patrol are running an Olympic Night for us and one of their ideas is Rowing!!!
I was impressed to see them practising the task - to see if it worked... They were each sat on a plastic bag, and were using their legs to push themselves backwards across the floor and pretending to row with their arms... it was funny...

Not really a Guiding theme - but an idea for others if they wish to use it.


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No not at camp in fact only have a one hour slot for this so it will have to be fast and furious.
Cant do rowing either as will be on a playing field. But love the idea.

Each year we do a litter pick before the village is Judged for Britain in Bloom, then we play games on the field.

May be do something with the equestrian idea though. Mind you we did that at camp. We had Royal Ascot with home made hobby horses it was great fun.


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could girls bring their own wheels to meeting? (scooters/bicycles) and you put together something whereby they go from wheels to running to skipping... etc?