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Personalised Starting... form?


Brownie-induced madness
Am I right that you should be able to create a personalised Starting... form in the same way that we print out girls' individual details for checking by parents?

I can't see a way to do this in Join Us, is it only accessible in Go, in which case what's the point (as you wouldn't be filling this in AFTER transferring to Go, but at the same time)?


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You can only do it with a go number unfortunately. I tend to do it for the girls second night, we have basic info from join us and I ask parents as they drop off if any allergies or medical conditions I need to know about. Once they have attended the meeting I transfer them to go and print the form. Not ideal but works for me.


Brownie-induced madness
Oh well, I will see if we have any blank ones in for this meeting (we meet today) and if not I'll get a personalised one printed for next time I think.


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I wish you could save a populated starting form. Eg the details that don't change eg the Unit Information, Commissioner etc could be saved


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I open a the blank version, put in the unit details and then save it. I use it for the term then and reload a new form each term just incase there are some small changes.

Saves fine on PDF.