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Pets at Home??


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The Girlguiding website says Pets at Home do workshops for Brownies, Rainbows and Guides, but no-one in our local store seems to know this. They know they do a badge for Beavers and Cubs but not for Brownies. Does anyone know, is our website out of date or is something more strange going on?


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The sessions are exactly the same for Brownies/Cubs etc. Its simply an evening with a member of their staff showing animals, talking about what they eat etc.

Pets at Home sponsor a Beaver/Cub badge, but it's not one they give out - likewise, there isn't a badge for taking girls that PaH give out but they have activity booklets etc


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We have been to our local one a couple of times in the past, they have been very helpful, and the girls loved handling the animals. They always seemed to know about their workshop offer,maybe you just didn't get to talk to the right person