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Pink Stripey Thing...

What to do with a stripey thing??

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Ok, i have a request. I have a pink stripey thing that i will no longer be requiring - what should i do with it. I can either bring it to G2G3 for anyone to have, or we could perform some sort of ceremony with it (i'm thinking burning or something anyone else more inventive anyone can come up with). What should i do with it??
first of all what size is it?

i'm just thinking it could make the rounds like the mascots do
for anyone that needs one for a day!!!!

just think of how many award days it could go too!!!!!


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It's a size 18, but i think it's shrunk a little - surprise surprise!! It's a GGUk top of course it shrinks!! lol


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and i'll add that its reallt bad fitting and vile! And yeah, i swear it has shrunk a bit! it wasn't very baggy on me at all!!!


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hehe... I have some dowl if anyone wants to make a theatre with ice's idea... I'll post it to the g2g ;)


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"Has your camp chair had it? Never mind, re-covering it is simple. Find a Guider, nab their pink stripy shirt, and turn your old knackered camp chair into a custom made deck chair looking chair."

views expressed are not those of GGUK, and simply those of disgruntled Guiders who would very much like a plain, well fitting smart shirt. No responsability can be taken for shrinking of your new deck chair.
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i owuld like to direct anyone to the following youtube video :)

[YOUTUBE]ee32hCUZ8lU[/YOUTUBE] *dances with keerrrrrrsteeee*


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turn it into a necker, get everyone to sign it with fabric pens, fix it and sew it on your camp blanket as a memento of G2G3!
(burning the remnants naturally......)

or maybe have your brownies sign it instead?
I know you could hold it up as an example why we cant shed our 1970's image. Cos no-one knows who we are anymore!!!
At the outdoors show twice I had to show hubby which stand was the GGUK one cos everyone was in pink and he couldn't work it out. plus when I said oh look 2 guides on the climbing wall he couldn't work out which girls I meant. case closed.