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Resource Pirate Challenge! [Deleted]

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JennieJennie submitted a new resource:

Pirate Challenge! - 28th Bolton Guides, Pirate Challenge!

Pirate Challenge Badge -

We have had some amazing feedback back from the challenge, and it has been brilliant to hear about the exciting things that girls (and their leaders) have been doing!

Great for unit meetings, sleepovers, camps, fun days and much more..!

Update 26th Feb: Have today received a new lot of badges!​
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My Rainbows have just completed this badge and they loved it! We had lots of fun making pirate hats (which were compulsory wear for the 2 sessions!), making pirate boats, making balancing parrots, learning sea shantys and playing pirate themed games.

The badges came yesterday and they look great - the girls are going to be so excited to get them tonight.

Thanks for a great challenge!
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