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Question? Planning a thank you event

I've been tasked with thinking of ideas for a thank you event for Leaders and other volunteers in the District, and wanted to know what other people might expect or appreciate most from a thank you event.

I know when I have attended some before they have been a bit of a damp squib but can't put my finger on it!

Any ideas welcome - thanks! :)


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Drinks and nibbles is a must.

A relaxed atmosphere where leaders can just mingle and chat with a drink in hand


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I think I know what you mean. Most events have a function and whilst thanking people is important having that as the focus of the event can be a little intimidtaing. Maybe call it a quiz night or Cheese & Wine with an icebreaker then you can incorporate any presentations etc as part of it..


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What about making it into a pamper night - if I was going to get thanked I'd love a little treatment as part of the event - and if you allowed local businesses to give out cards they might give you a discount?


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We had a BBQ in the summer. It was nice to just get together and talk. I think I'd rather that than an event 'with a purpose' which I'm not sure I'dgo to


You want there to be something to actually see or do - your problem is that tastes vary, some people would like something adventurous and hate a 'social' and vice versa! So, thinking about the personalities locally, what would they prefer?


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We try to do something as a District once a term on a social level - be in BBQ, meal, drinks, bowling, bingo, body shop evening etc - usually very well supported. Gives adults a chance to relax, mingle and share ideas and also allows us to say thank you though as others have said we dont really label the evening as being a thank you evening.

We use these events to present long service awards, ALQs, Going Away Licences etc, and always have something for them to take home as a thank you - be it a badge, some chocolate or mini bottles of wine.

We have also send out personalised thank you cards in the post over the holidays before to let Guiders know they are appreciated, sometimes its the little touches out of the blue that make you feel more valued.

Could also tie in with a training evening - do a short training, followed by cheese and wine, or a pamper session?