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Planning an International District Event.


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We're planning a District International Afternoon in February half term and wondered if anyone had any suggestions or tried and tested activities we could try. It's about 50 girls, mostly Brownies and Rainbows with about 15 Guides.


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We do a district evening for Thinking day most years. We generally set a theme and ask each unit attending to bring an activity on that theme, to last 15 minutes. As the girls arrive we give them a coloured sticker to divide them into groups and then they do a round robin, getting to try three or four of the activities on offer. This year we're doing the World Centres, so activities from one of those five countries/regions. Last time we did it we chose famous landmarks. One unit chose Uluru and did Maori sticks, someone else did some dancing, a string maze, a craft - it varies widely. We try to use free/cheap/shared resources and then no unit is spending much money. And bulk it out with some singing and renewal of promises.


I'd always be tempted to start with the WAGGGS thinking day pack. Other options - could you arrange for a dance teacher everyone a routine in a particular style? Could the Guides split into groups and work with the younger girls to make international food on fires or small stoves? Do you want to choose a particular country and do activities related to it (dance, song, culture, language, Guiding, food)? Could you link up with a group somewhere else in the UK or abroad by video link and share what you are doing with each other?


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I organised our divisions last year; we visited the World Centres. Switzerland - chocolate truffle making, Africa, games that children play there, (blind man's buff - was finding the impala (Kenya); Nigeria - musical chairs, no chairs, but a chalk every decreasing circle when music stopped (would have been a circle in sand there). London - quiz which was posteed around room. Mexico - god's eye craft very colourful. India - Bollywood dancing. Girls had a passport and had to get a stamp in each country in order to get badge. Charged £5 each and had quite a bit left over at the end. Snack of drink and crisps and fuit. Lasted 1pm to 5pm. Girls really enjoyed the activity.