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Please can anyone bring any red or black sharpie pens?!


Brownie Guider
If anyone has any red or black sharpie pens, please can they bring them?
I have a rather different geocache travel bug and could do with using one. It's a blank deck of cards and any geocacher can design their own card!
I only picked it up yesterday, but thought you'd all be interested.

Here's a link to the page.


I've watched the video, so I know the rules we need to follow.


GIC Guide/SS
I have some non branded sharpies, i will try and find them before i Leave, otherwise i do have a car full of felt tip pens which i will have with me anyway


Dursley District Guider & Commissioner
I have a whole box of coloured sharpies and know where they are so I will add them to the pile for the car