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Preparing an adult for their promise

My mother is joining our unit as an AL. She has yet to begin her ALQ so isn't warranted yet, but knows she wants to make the commitment and rejoin the sisterhood of Guiding - she was a Brownie and a Guide in the 60s and 70s (and has her old promise badges on her tab!)

The Brown Owl who is retiring thinks she may not be ready to make her promise as an adult. What would you suggest to convince her she is ready, and to prepare Mum for making her promise?
She would be re-making her Promise surely? I agree that it would be up to your mum, what criteria is 'Brown Owl' going by to decide your mum may not be ready?
She would be re-making her Promise surely? I agree that it would be up to your mum, what criteria is 'Brown Owl' going by to decide your mum may not be ready?
I think she believes that because my mum has been out of Guiding so long she might need refreshing on the principles etc. But she knows what it's about, she's been supporting me as a Guider for years, so I don't see the problem. Anyone can be a member surely anyway, just because she's not warranted yet shouldn't stop her!


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There is no test or anything you have to prove or criteria you have to meet before you can make your promise. If you wanted, you could make your promise instantly as soon as you joined.

The promise is also a completely personal thing.
There's no rules or regulations that govern how we make our promise either. Youth members often have traditions that they like to follow within units. But adults it's really up to them. Anyone in girl guiding can make their promise however they'd like! No one else can tell you that you or aren't ready either.


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the principles and other things would essentially be the same from when she was a brownie/guide but she may need a refresher on how they have been updated.

as to the promise it's up to your mum surely when she makes it, as it is with the girls when they make theirs. assuming she has learnt the new version of the promise to make it.

why does retiring brown owl think she isnt ready, you havent said?


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I think Brown Owl is overstepping the mark a bit here tbh. It's your mum's decision about whether she's ready - the promise is about the words contained in the promise. The ALQ is concerned with the principles of guiding etc. Sounds like Brown Owl is confusing the two.


An adult should know for themselves whether or not they are ready to take on, or renew, the commitment of living their life by the Promise and Laws. As they are an adult, it can reasonably be assumed that they will have read the Promise and Laws with understanding, and will have given consideration to what they will do in order to keep each part of the commitment they plan to undertake.

If an adult happened to want to discuss it with a Leader of their choice they would be free to do so, but there would be no expectation of this - the Promise, and each person's personal commitment to it, and plans for how they will do so, is potentially quite a personal matter.


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I totally agree that it is your Mum's decision to say when she thinks she is ready to renew promise. Do you have any girls ready to make their promise in the near future?
Maybe you could combine the 2 and have a "Promise party" evening and the girls could plan it or at least give their ideas.