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Promise ceremony


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Hi, I am new to taking over a Guide unit and have three wanting to take their Promise on our last meeting night this term, which is in our hall. I would like to make it special and would like to hear your thoughts and help. Thank you


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Well - arguably any promise ceremony should be special. I'm guessing that you will be having some form of end of term/Christmas celebration so you could have candle lit, nightlights in a trefoil shape, glow sticks, outdoors...


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We often do candle light as well, but I generally ask the girls how they want to make it special. This results in a lot of unusual outdoor places in summer, or somewhere while out on a trip.


If your hall has a tree, could it be done under the tree, by the light of the fairy lights? Or could you light a small fire outside (perhaps in a colander) and have a short ceremony under the stars?