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Question? Promise


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Hello again,

I'm slowly working my way through my ALQ, and have started to wonder about how/where to make my promise.

My main concern is that I'm really not happy with the unit I'm currently with (long story - there's an ongoing thread in the 'difficult situations' part of the board). I'm trying to stick it out for the girls, but I may well end up jumping ship at some point. Point is - I just do not want to make my promise with the existing leader.

Can I just do it with just myself and my mentor there? Part of me would be disappointed with that as I kind of wanted to invite my mum! It's 30 years since I took my brownie promise and I thought she'd like to see me do it again as a brownie leader. But I can't see a why round it at the moment without moving units.

Any advice?



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Your promise is completely personal and up to you.
You can make it at any time, with anyone - it doesn't have to be with your unit / in your unit at all. This definitely falls into the camp of something that the awful 'leader' can't take away from you.

You could wait until you're somewhere special or somewhere "cool". Make it on a roller-coaster or on your favourite beach for example. or you could just make it at home with your famiy.

You do need to discuss the concept of the promise with your mentor, to show you understand it and to talk about what it means to you.


You can do it where and when you like. So it could be at the unit, or at a District/Division/County event, or at a location that is special to you, or - wherever you choose. And it's also your choice who you make it to.


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Thanks both. I'll still have to give some thought to how to go about it but at least I know that there are options that don't involve the current leader!

Spent most of Saturday trying to get my evidence together into some sort of order. Am meeting my mentor at the weekend so here's hoping I can get a few more parts signed off.


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Perhaps make it with and to your girls, in a circle and facing them, rather than "to" the leader?

Last time we had adults making their promise they faced the circle of girls, with all the kids holding candles. It was very sweet. You could invite your mentor & your mum to also join the circle?