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Queen's Diamond Jubilee ideas

Can we share what we've got planned for the Jubilee?

I'm thinking of the Rainbows making fancy bunting to hang around our noticeboard and I've printed off a pic of the Queen, which I'm hoping to persuade the girls to colour Warhol style! It's from Hellokids: http://www.hellokids.com/c_27094/co...uring-pages/queen-elizabeth-ii-colouring-page
We're on the verge of posting out, to the Palace, the pics the Rainbows did for the Queen.

We'll see if they want to have a "Jubilee party" at the end of term.


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Barbara posted on the Girlguiding facebook page she is doing a 1950's party and I think I am going to pinch that idea for my Brownies! I am hoping to get the Guides to make red, white and blue bunting out of carrier bags (recyling!) for it and maybe invite them along to it too! (my Guides are all of the younger end).Other than that a bit 'royaled' out due to doing the royal wedding challenge badge for William and Kates wedding last year!


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We are going to get our Brownies to design their own postage stamp. Also write their own queen speech about the fun they have at Brownies. make a Hat for their Garden party, and homeskills badge (lady in Waiting). I have some great colouring pictures of the queen and the jubilee. However need to be shown out to up load them to this Forum Any help?


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We're doing a challenge badge from Girlguiding Leeds and as part of that we'll be making an origami swan, necklaces, paper aeroplanes, towers out of spaghetti & marshmallows, designing a stamp and doing a portrait of the queen.


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I've had a look at the diamond jubilee challenge badge and have picked two activities from each section that I think would be suitable for our Rainbow meetings. I'm expecting the girls to pick: making a crown & having a coronation. hold a garden party (where we'd definitely have cucumber sandwiches and probably play croquet) & build a tent palace. I'm looking forward to trying out this last one as I think I'll have as much fun as the girls!


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I'm still a little unsure what to do with rainbows for the diamond jubilee besides the obvious one of making crowns/jewels or doing something very british? (post box/changing guard)... been looking at the commonwealth ideas thread and wondering whether to go down that route or not, but not certain rainbows will even understand what the commonwealth is!

although if weather is nice, think would be nice to do a treasure hunt in the park (hiding shiny jewels for girls to find...)


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In our district the Rainbows are designing a Tiara/Crown. Brownies are designing a flag and Guides arecde inning an outfit fit for a Queen.


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I run a rainbow unit and sometimes find it hard to find appropriate activities for their age - most seem to be targeted at brownies/guides :(
However I am also an assistant guide leader and my guide unit has made a queens jubilee resource and accompanying badge which is suitable for all sections (rainbows-senior section).
Therefore there are some age appropriate rainbow ideas in there. If you're interested in having a look I have posted it under downloads; challenge badges.


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Girlguiding Cymru (Wales) have a really easy Jubilee challenge badge out too with a gorgeous big dragon on ..... So I am doing that. We have a lot of castle ruins open to the public near us, so we are doing a joint District (3 units) picnic in the grounds of one of the castles .... Keeping it quite simple, but just getting the girls together is very exciting for them xx We are also making tiaras ... Of course!


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I've been looking at the bakerross website for some diamond jubilee ideas... and the ideas on there seem to be about flags/crowns

was hoping to come up with something a wee bit different, but looks like we'll probably be doing something like flags and crowns!

I'm just worried about overlapping with activities that they'll be doing in school for the jubilee... as schools could well do crowns & flags too!!!!!

my adults helpers suggested doing red/white/blue themed things... but I can't even think of many of those!

I am loosely thinking about making a pencil pot (base being cut down milk bottle carton perhaps) using dltk toilet roll printables:
http://www.dltk-kids.com/crafts/miscellaneous/mpolice.htm - policeman
http://www.dltk-kids.com/fantasy/mqueen.htm - queen

thought there was a changing guard one, but I can't find it at the moment...

wanted to really start straight after easter, so looks like I need to put my thinking cap on!


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I've been thinking about the red/white/blue theme idea...

but have given up on the cheap blue jelly at the moment (idea from forum on another thread was to do red & blue jelly with white squirty cream)

but am thinking about beads and making necklace... having trouble finding cheap source of red/white/blue plastic beads though - does anyone have any ideas?

have found glass beads (which would be ok for guides/senior section):

although have found something I think rainbows would love:
[ebay=] 320869833995 [/ebay]


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has anyone thought of doing a "street party" with their rainbows for the jubilee? (basically an outdoor party or indoor if inclement weather! lol)

just found some twee cocktail umbrellas that rainbows would love in their "cocktail" :)

am seriously wishing I hadn't done the folding union flag end of last year now!!! as that would have been perfect for the jubilee! (wish I'd thought ahead a little! grr)

my own girls have just come up with a lovely idea for jubilee for rainbows - a jubilee hat just decorated, perhaps with red/white and blue paper flowers/crepe etc added to it - just wondering if can source enough easter bonnets at reduced price after easter :) or failing that... how to make a bonnet to decorate cheaply???? as the red/white/blue flowers (or coloured paper and templates) and ribbon or crepe would be the easy bit to source ;)
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we're also thinking about doing "congratulations" cards and sending them off to the queen

address on this thread:

and re union flag folding cards
see post number 8 (this is what we used and its brilliant - but I also bought one from trading to show the girls http://www.girlguidingukshop.co.uk/Union-Flag-Card.aspx 7134 price 60p)

found some pony beads that would be suitable for rainbows:

at easter I baked oval large 10 inch cookies which rainbows decorated with icing/sweeties as faberge eggs

could do something similar with crown cookies perhaps, this is link to some crown cookie cutters I'm found:
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We are doing the south west region celebration challenge 2012 - a resource to celebrate 25th rainbow, olympics and diamond jubilee. In it there is the 'Queen's knickers' story and design your own knickers!