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Queen's Diamond Jubilee ideas


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has anyone thought of doing a "street party" with their rainbows for the jubilee? (basically an outdoor party or indoor if inclement weather! lol)
We're having a 'street party' on the playing field outside of our hall. It's mainly being organised by Brown Owl and we have our Rainbows, 2 Brownie packs, the new local guide pack and a neighbouring guide pack coming! The most we've done before for parties are Rainbows and 1 Brownie pack! Looking forward to it and hoping the weather is going to be good. :D
Hi All

We are planning on having a royal promise night at the end of May, the Rainbows are going to make crowns from gold paper plates (20 for £1,in poundland) cut the middle of the plates into points push up and decorate with gems and cotton wool. Its our first ever promise night as we have only being running for two weeks. V excited.


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We are having a district "street party" theme for the Diamond Jubilee.everything is going to be red/white/blue, units are making the bunting/decorations and everyone has to dress in red/white/blue.


For Rainbows, I'm "borrowing" ideas from a several of the Diamond Jubilee challenges I've come across - so we're doing a bit on the Queen and Commonwealth Countries - eating food/playing games from some of the countries that we mentioned back on Thinking Day and looked at uniforms from those countires - a bit on the number 60 - how many skips/hops/throws can we do in 60 seconds - and then making some diamond jewellery/crowns to wear for a promise party/pot of gold party at the end of the term - and just giving the commemmorative badge to all of the girls (but will probably be buying some of the other challenge badges for me....)
We made some great princess tiars with Rainbows a while back with foil curls View attachment 12269 View attachment 12269 you might not be able to see from photo but you have a band of card and attach shapes made from foils sausages (hope that makes sense) I found the idea in the usborne fairy things to make and do book!
We started on Jubilee activities at Rainbows playing games such as marbles and tiddy winks from 60 years ago and made a cup and ball game to take home which the girls loved. We also plan to make paper plate swans, flotilla boats, make crowns, have a scavanger hunt (a brilliant Jubilee one I found on the woodland trust website) and make horses to race at our Royal garden party were we will be doing the treasure hunt from the welsh rainbow jubilee challenge.


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i've just bought a box of 24 cake toppers from Poundland - they are telephone boxes, buses and guardsmen. Also union jack cake cases and I'm trying to work out how to make them into rosettes (the cases not the toppers)


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Ive had a tonne of ideas (although may not get to do them all). I thought about make your own postage stamp (by shining a torch at someone to make a sillhoutte, draw round the shadow and theres your stamp) - I dont have enough time do that one though sadly, I might just do it at home for myself lol.
Activities we actually are doing - homemade bunting, make your own jubilee tea towel (tea towels@crazy crocodiles and fabric pens),
1950s party - where we have 5 or so stations and the girls can move around, I thought about making a rations book that they need to collect signatures/stamps from each activity. Activites so far are icing a fairycake, make a cup of tea, possibly the folding flag idea, some kind of rations quiz/comparing 1950s guides with now - phew!
We've got some London Character pen holders to make (kits from Baker Ross), Union Jack Windmills (also Baker Ross) and we're playing Queenie, Queenie who's got the ball and pin the crown on the queen!