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Rainbows sleepover tips


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I am thinking of arranging a first sleepover for our rainbows (first for me aswell, as I'm a fairly new leader). There is a brownie leader that has offered to help me (and to be the qualified one while I do my away with qualification) but does anyone have any advice or guidance.

I'm a little worried that I'm looking at it with rose coloured glasses and will get a massive shock!! ;)


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The first one is always the most stressful but after that they run like clockwork....

First, get your adults in place - 1 to 4 girls, plus the leader in charge. Once you know how many leaders you've got then you know how many girls you are limited too.

Don't start doing everything at once. Cost out your potential venue. Send out a letter to the parents just asking them to indicate if their daughter would be interested in attending this type of event. Hopefully you'll get lots of yes's but if the interest isn't that great you may decide to try again next year and you won't have wasted too much time.

You will need to give them a price / rough estimation. You know your girls best. What do think would be a realisible cost for your families. We charge £20.00 per girl but we have very low rent on the venue and we only give the girls tea, supper and breakfast. We allocate £4.00 per person for food and drink. and don't forget the cost of badges!

If you believe you have enough interest then you can start firming up your plans such as selecting a date, deciding on how long you want the event to last ( we do 4.00pm to 10.30am - you don't have to make it the full 24 hours) and completing you budgets etc. Ideally, you are supposed to get the girls to pick a theme but as it's your first perhaps you could limit them to just a choice of say 2 or 3 of your own ideas.

The paperwork isn't that overwhelming and its the same for all sections. If the other adults have experience then use their knowledge. Just because your taking the qualification doesn't mean you have to do everything. One adult needs to be the cook and must not deal with the sick. All you need to do is discuss potential menus / lifestyle issues and tell her how much she can spend. She is then in charge of buying the food, preparing the food etc. Another adult should be the first aider and deal with all medical and health matters.

You should have been allocated a mentor by your county when you registered that you wanted to do the qualification. If not contact your district commissioner and ask her to find you someone that can help you work your way through the modules.