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Re-opening Guide Unit - advice needed


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Hi all

I am in the process of setting up a Guide Unit, ready to reopen in September. I put forward the idea that during Brownies, after easter, I would like to put all the girls who are Guide age, or will be guide age by September, into a Six/Patrol and do guide activities, such as the Brownie GFI and pre-promise stuff. The girls would still do some Brownie activities, but they wouldn't do the Brownie ring, for example.

Then in September, re-open the unit as a 'proper' Guide Unit (if that makes sense). I know that the next year will involve a lot of discussion and decision making, on my part and the girls part (I want their input for the unit guidelines, enrolment ceremony and so on)

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can manage the unit. How do other Guiders do unit admin, registers, logging of subs. I want to give the girls responsibility, and I know it's a very fine line. I've got a notebook I'm using as a brain dump and am recording ideas that I have got. (I'll put some of the here when I get it out)

For unit finances, I plan to use the official one on the GG website. But does anyone have a spreadsheet they use to log badges and patrols etc



Subs we pay termly same as all sections in our area, so no variation there. We have a sign-up sheet they tick on arrival rather than registers/roll call.

The Guides split themselves into Patrols and choose their Leaders. New joiners can choose amongst whichever Patrols have spaces (this still provides a choice). We have charts on the wall for challenge badge progress, otherwise few badges are done so no need for other badge records.


Equally, no need for enrolment ceremonies as such - if we have an outing or a camp planned we inform the Guides there will be a chance for anyone who feels ready to, to make their Promise then. The big thing is 'who feels ready to' - for some it may be a few months after joining, for some a few years.


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Patrol leaders do the register for their patrol. For subs, I have a list of all the girls names and then write in whether they paid with cash or cheque (which helps when you do the official accounts pack). Girls have to keep their own record for challenge badges in their G File - their badge, their responsibility.