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Remote unit treasurer


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Apologies in advance, this may be a long post - but hopefully it could really help someone.

First, some background. I was a leader at Brownies for a long time. Then, a mix between district politics, the promise changing and moving away meant that I transferred to scouts for a while. Then, I left the UK to do some travelling, and while on the road I started studying bookkeeping, which is what I'll be doing as a career once I get back. I think I'll also return to guiding too.

So, I'd love to get back into the swing of things by helping out a unit with it's accounts. Partly to get back involved with guiding, and partly to get some work experience. I know that it's something that some people find to be hardest in guiding! I'm planning to be abroad until March, so it would need to be all digital based. I guess there would be logistical hurdles to get over, and that I'd need to be re-entered onto Go, and have another DBS check.

Anyway, I thought that I would put the offer out there and see if anyone wants to have a chat about it. Please PM me if you think I could be useful to your team.