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Question? Removing Duplicate Main Address


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I have a girl who come through Join us as she moved into our area, but her record now has 2 main addresses (Old and new). I have tried to unselect main address flag on the old address but it doesnt let me do this.

So how do I have only 1 address flagged as the main address?


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Seems strange, when I've had 2 addresses on the go, I was able to select one as the main address, which would deselect anything previously selected with no bother, never had both as main addresses as that would confuse the computer!

Are you able to do anything with the old address? Has it got a tombstone by it?

Might be one for CHQ if you can't edit the old address, but the old address should disappear before too long.


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Both the new and old address have been set as the main address (guess it where the join-us enquiry has merged.

I have tried to deselect both the old and new address, but new address is also set as main so it doesn't automatically deselect old address.

Think it may be a call to HQ in the morning.


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Have you only just moved her onto there, or was it a few days ago? If you have only just done it, it may fix itself overnight.
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