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returning to guiding

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I am wondering if anyone could help - I completed my ALQ (modules 1 -4) as an assistant Brownie leader several years ago (I was an AL for 5 years), I have had an absence from Guiding for roughly 6 years. (2 beautiful daughters later) I am returning as a LiC for my eldest daughters Rainbow unit.

-Would I be required to redo my ALQ as my absence has been over 3 years and my warrant card has expired?
-or would I simply have to redo module 1 for rainbows as pose to brownies?.

I would be really grateful for any advice anyone could give me upon my return - I am sure there has been many changes since I was last an active member.

many thanks

lesley :)


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I have closed this thread as you've had replies elsewhere that I hope answered your question.

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